What Happened To Lisa Murphy Model? Illness And Health Issue

What Happened To Lisa Murphy Model? The news of her death has sparked curiosity among online users, leading many to question what caused it.

The Ballinteer native worked as a model, social diarist, and reality TV personality, and was a well-known figure on the Dublin social scene for a long time in the 1990s and 2000s.

She became well-known when she became engaged to dancer Michael Flatley, but in April 2006, after six years together, they called it quits.

Following their engagement, Lisa appeared frequently on television as a co-star of Dublin Wives, a program that also starred Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan, Danielle Meagher, Lisa Murphy, and Jo Jordan.

The show, which took inspiration from the American television series “The Real Housewives of,” followed the highs and lows of the social lives of wealthy and successful spouses in Dublin.

Let’s get into the article to learn what happened to Lisa Murphy and other details regarding her personal life.

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What Happened To Lisa Murphy Model?

What Happened To Lisa Murphy Model? After a quiet struggle with cancer, well-known former model Lisa Murphy passed away, to the heartbreaking homage of her ex Gerald Kean.

The celebrity solicitor talked warmly of his beloved Lisa, with whom he had dated for ten years, upon the confirmation of her age 51 death today.

What Happened To Lisa Murphy
It is known that Lisa fought valiantly for several years against an illness. (Source: The Sun)

Lisa, who dated Michael Flatley in the past, had been struggling with health issues for a while before things became worse right before Christmas.

Friends described how Lisa faced her health crisis with a “quiet determination,” despite having kept her cancer struggle a secret.

Lisa Murphy Illness And Health Issues

After a protracted and valiant fight with cancer, Dublin socialite and TV personality Lisa Murphy passed away.

Sadly, 52-year-old Lisa Murphy, the former partner of Michael Flatley and, subsequently, the former partner of attorney Gerald Kean, passed away.

The former model, who currently resides in Ballinteer, County Dublin, with her family, has fought cancer heroically for several years.

“I am heartbroken and devastated at the news,” Gerald said to the Irish Sun. “We had many lovely days together, and she was a fantastic woman. She was a wonderful, unique woman.

Our prayers are with her loved ones and family. Between 2006 and 2016, Lisa and Gerald were a well-known couple in Dublin’s social scene.

Since the tragic news of the former Dublin Wives star’s passing surfaced this morning, tributes have been pouring in.

Holly Carpenter, a model, expressed her shock at learning of Lisa Murphy’s passing.

Personal Life Of Lisa Murphy

The Ballinteer native, who was described as having a compassionate soul, had prominent partnerships with dancer Michael Flatley and famous lawyer Gerald Kean.

She also had an appearance on TV3’s 2012–2013 reality series Dublin Wives.

According to RSVP, the blonde beauty maintained a dignified silence after her highly public romance with Flatley ended, even though he had written a book detailing everything.

Lisa refuted rumors that she was paid off to remain silent by stating that, in such a scenario, she would not be living at her parents’ house.

What happened to Lisa Murphy
Lisa with Flatley, the star of Lord of the Dance, in 2002. (Source: The Sun)

You cannot purchase happiness or love, she said, but it made her feel better to maintain her pride than to hurt or expose others.

After dating Gerald Kean for more than ten years and falling in love again, the couple eventually announced their separation in 2016. To validate the story at the time, they issued a statement.

Lisa had a new passion in her later years: working out. She loved going to the gym and exercising.

After losing her brother Paul in a horrifying vehicle accident in 1995, Lisa was devastated.

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