Where Is James Spader Going After Leaving The Blacklist?

Wondering where James Spader going after leaving the famous series The Blacklist? Well, it’s not the end!

James Todd Spader is an American actor renowned for his portrayal of eccentric and morally ambiguous characters. 

Spader transitioned to television after starting his career in critically acclaimed independent films, earning numerous awards and accolades, including three Primetime Emmy Awards and nominations for three Golden Globe Awards and ten Screen Actors Guild Awards.

One of Spader’s notable roles was as Robert California in the sitcom The Office (2011–2012).

However, Spader’s portrayal of Raymond “Red” Reddington in the NBC crime series The Blacklist catapulted him to widespread fame.

Recently, news of Spader leaving The Blacklist has been making headlines, leaving fans wondering about his next move.

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Where Is James Spader Going After Leaving The Blacklist? New Job And Salary

After ten successful seasons, The Blacklist is finally coming to an end, and its stars are moving on to new projects.

Thus, it has been officially confirmed that James Spader is leaving the show.

As fans speculate about Spader’s future endeavors, many have been questioning ‘Where is James Spader Going after this show?’

There are rumors that the actor may reprise his role as Ultron in the Iron Man movie series Armor Wars.

It seems that Spader is not planning to take a break anytime soon. Indeed, Spader is eager to embark on new projects after gaining respect and recognition from his ten seasons on The Blacklist.

In the Infinity Saga, Ultron, played by James Spader, was defeated by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. However, a new rumor suggests his return in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

James Spader Going
Rumors suggest that James Spader going to play Ultron in the new Marvel movie. (Source: Instagram)

Regarding his income, reports suggest that during seasons 1-7 of The Blacklist, James Spader earned a salary of $160,000 per episode, amounting to approximately $3.5 million per season before taxes.

For the 85 episodes spanning seasons 7-10, he earned $300,000 per episode. Totaling everything of these Spader earned around $50 million before taxes for his work on The Blacklist.

With that being said, it is estimated that Spader estimated net worth is $30 million as of 2024.

Although Spader has not disclosed any additional sources of income, speculations suggest that his assets contribute to his overall net worth.

What Happened To James Spader Character Raymond Reddington In The Blacklist?

Throughout Spader’s decades-long career in the entertainment industry, James Spader’s most notable role was that of Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington in NBC’s drama series, The Blacklist.

As the final season draws to a close, fans have been curious about the fate of Spader’s character.

In the series, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington is a former US Naval Intelligence officer who becomes a high-profile criminal.

After evading capture for years, he surrenders to the FBI and provides them with the “Blacklist,” a compilation of the world’s most dangerous criminals.

As fans eagerly awaited the show’s conclusion, it was revealed in the two-hour finale that Reddington was the last blacklister.

James Spader going
James Spader acting in the Blacklist series was his most popular role. (Source: CheatSheet)

Raymond Reddington, a man known for intense takedowns, eloquent monologues, unwavering loyalty, and an insatiable zest for life, met his demise before anyone could catch him.

The show took a bold and unexpected turn by ending with the death of its central character and providing closure. This brought the story to a definitive close.

As Jame’s most popular character’s death marks an end to an era for the beloved crime series, it has opened doors to new opportunities for him to showcase his talent in future projects.

Nevertheless, fans are eagerly awaiting James Spader’s comeback in the entertainment industry.

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