Where Is Mandy Noell Going After Leaving WDKY Fox 56 Morning News?

Where Is Mandy Noell Going? The morning news anchor of Fox 56 is leaving the station. Find out about her new work.

Mandy Noell is an American news anchor and television presenter. She has over a decade of anchor and reporter experience. 

Noell is known for her decoration and motivation to find content, turn stories, and support and improve the newsroom culture.

One of the most loved and appreciated anchors of Fox News, Mandy, is now leaving the channel for a new life endeavor.

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Where Is Mandy Noell Going? Why Is She Leaving Fox 56 News

On 27 September 2023, Mandy Noell made an announcement of her leaving the Fox News during the morning news broadcast.

Fans felt shocked by the news of Mandy leaving Fox, and many wondered when is the news anchor going next.

Mandy joined the Fox 56 Lexington in September 2021 as the morning news anchor.

She handled the Fox morning news from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. daily. Similarly, she also served in news gathering and broadcast writing.

Before her association with Fox Morning News, Mandy was an evening news anchor at WKBN-Tv. Similarly, she worked as a digital producer, anchor, and reporter at WMBF.

Mandy’s is considered important in the morning news of Fox 56. However, now her presence will be missed by the viewers and her colleagues.

Mandy Noell 
Where Is Mandy Noell Going? She left Fox 56 News on 29, September, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

So, Where Is Mandy Noell Going? Mandy is taking a week and a half break and will be back in the news reporting again.

But, the thing that is still unsure is where the anchor will work now. As she mentioned on her Instagram account, she will update the viewers on where she will be headed.

While bidding goodbye to the viewers of Fox 56, Mandy mentioned that it had been a great two years of working with great co-workers and amazing viewers. She is taking a break and will return to work after a little rest.

Moreover, Mandy Noell has made one thing sure: she will work on the news anchoring and reporting. It is just that the news reporter is willing to expand her area of expertise in her career venture.

Fans, viewers, and her colleagues wished Mandy Noell an exceptional experience ahead.

Mandy Noell Net Worth And Her Salary As a News Reporter

Mandy Noell has been associated with news reporting and anchoring since 2013, and it has been about a decade since she contributed to the field of Journalism.

With experience, love, fame, and competence in the profession, Mandy has accumulated a handsome sum of money being a reporter.

Several news reports and internet article mentions that Mandy Noell’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 to 3 Million.

As per the information on salary, the average news anchor salary in Lexington is $74,480 per year as of 25 September 2023. However, the salary typically falls between $67,287 and $86,106 yearly.

Mandy Noell, being a senior anchor, must have received a thick sum as a paycheck.

Where Is Mandy Noell Going
Mandy Noell is enjoying her life to the fullest, she often goes on trips during the holidays. (Source: Instagram)

It won’t be wrong if we point out that Mandy is living her luxurious life with the sum of money she earned with her talent and expertise.

On her Instagram account, we can often see Mandy Noell on her lavish vacation, celebrating her leisure time.

She loved to travel and explore the cuisines and landscapes of several places. Experiencing new exposure, Mandy is investing her earned capital in worthy work.

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