Where Is Ryan Higa Now? Health And Illness

As Ryan Higa has disappeared  from YouTube after making a name for himself through the platform, most of his fans are asking; where is Ryan Higa now? If you are wondering about his well being and health as well, explore about his latest updates in this article.

Ryan Higa, popularly known as ‘Nigahiga’ online, is a YouTuber, comedian, and actor. He was born in Hilo, Hawaii, on June 6, 1990. He first began his Internet career in 2006, creating various comedy skits and lip-syncing videos with his childhood friend Sean Fujiyoshi. 

The YouTuber’s humorous and relatable content was loved by the viewers and made him one of the most subscribed YouTubers at the time for 677 consecutive days from 2009 to 2011, surpassed only by T-Series and PewDiePie.

Throughout his career, Ryan has continued to develop content for various social media platforms. He has developed his own distinctive comedy style that incorporates absurdity, Pop-culture references, and self-deprecating humor. His podcast, Off the Pill, is an example of how he channels them.

Beyond YouTube, he has also tried music production and been featured in movies and TV shows. Moreover, he has also ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding the production company Ryan Higa Production and launching his own clothing line, Nigahiga Apparel. He is actively streaming on Twitch these days.

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Where Is Ryan Higa Now?

From once being the most subscribed creator on YouTube to not posting for years, Ryan Higa informed his fans and subscribers about his state of existence. His main YouTube channel, Nigahiga, has the last update from 2020, during COVID lockdown. Since then, there has been little to no update on the channel.

Where is Ryan Higa Now
Ryan Higa has been a sports fan from his childhood. (Source: Instagram)

While most of the fans worried something bad happened to him physically or mentally, it turns out Higa was just taking a break from YouTube because the restrictions have left him with little to no Content inspiration.

During 2020, he simultaneously endorsed Andrew Yang for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, identifying himself as an agnostic. Other than his political presence in 2021, he was also featured in the Netflix film Finding ‘Ohana. His lack of active posting on Instagram also worried his fans.

In 2020, he also started streaming on Twitch, where he used to react to his past videos. Higa had around 500,000 Twitch followers and 21 million YouTube subscribers as of 2021. However, his channel was banned without warning.

But not to worry, Higa is alright and has just chosen another platform for his presence. Since the ban was removed, Higa has been mostly streaming video game content, most notably the game Valorant at the present time. His Twitch account as of June 2023 has 779.2K followers, and he has been streaming regularly.

Higa also moved to New York from Hawaii. So, we can say that he has moved on from his YouTube days and is trying to work more on his other interests like gaming, acting, and writing.

Updates On Ryan Higa Health And Illness

When Ryan Higa became inactive on most social media platforms, everyone started questioning his health condition, not only physical but mental as well. And his hiatus coming at the time of the Corona virus pandemic made people even more suspicious about his well-being.

Truth be told, Ryan Higa is alive and well. He had not been diagnosed with COVID or any other major health issues at the time. However, he has been diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

It is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood, mostly diagnosed in childhood. People with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, be hyperactive, and make impulsive decisions.

Where is Ryan Higa now
Ryan has a very close relationship with his father. (Source: Instagram)

While ADHD is more of a behavioral disorder, it does not have fatal or serious health implications. However, during and after the lockdown, Ryan has been speculated to be dealing with some mental health issues. But it has not been confirmed or denied by Ryan.

Uranium Gysotomic Lynostic Yeast-infection is a mental disorder first introduced in The Ryan Higa Show. While most people often confuse it as something real Higa suffers from, it is just a fictional disorder introduced in his show.

So, the answer to where is Ryan Higa now can also be attributed to his distance from most social media for the betterment of his mental health. Nevertheless, a generation is saddened to see their favorite online personality distancing himself from online platforms.

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