Who Are Jose Gonzalez And Sofia Gonzalez, Joet Gonzalez Parents? Family Ethnicity

Meet Joet Gonzalez Parents and learn about his family’s ethnicity and details. Joet is currently competing in the IBF Featherweight championship.

Joet De Jesus Gonzalez is an American professional boxer who primarily competes for the WBO featherweight championship.

On 7 July 2012, Joet made his professional debut against Jesus Carmona; he won the fight unanimously.

Gonzalez had his first significant step up in competition when he faced Rafael Rivera for the vacant WBO-NABO featherweight title.

Moreover, Joet Gonzalez won the gold medal in 2012 Fort Carson in Featherweight and Siver in 2011 Colorado Springs Featherweight.

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Joet Gonzalez Parents: Father Jose Gonzalez Is His Role Model

Joet Gonzalez was born in Glendora, California, as the lovely son of his father, Jose Gonzalez, and his mother, Sofia Gonzalez.

Joet is from a humble background, and his childhood was full of struggle. His father, Jose, did not have a stable job, and he had to feed the whole family.

Thus, Joet Gonzalez’s father used to hand out flyers outside a jail in Los Angeles and several town squares in California.

Although Jose Gonzalez did not have enough money to feed the family, he was a man of responsibility and optimism. 

Joet Gonzalez Parents
Joet Gonzalez with his father Jose Gonzalez and brother. (Source: Instagram)

With the hope one day, a bright future awaited, Jose struggled to provide a peaceful life for his wife and children.

The struggle of Joet’s father inspired him never to give up, believe in the hard work, and keep faith in himself.

Joet Gonzalez often mentions that his parents are his utmost role model and the primary inspiration in his life.

Joet Gonzalez Parents: Mother Sofia Gonzalez Is His Inspiration

Sofia Gonzalez is the inspirational mother figure for boxer Joet Gonzalez. His mother was not a stay-at-home wife.

Like Joet Gonzalez’s father, his mother left the house to feed the family.

Sofia used to work in the other house and do their household chores. From the money she earned, Sofia used to buy the family’s essential needs.

Joet Gonzalez Parents
Joet Gonzalez’s mother with his brother Jousce Gonzalez. (Source: Instagram)

Although cash was the biggest problem in the house, Sofia Gonzalez managed to provide the children’s basic needs and save some money for the future.

The utmost dedication of his mother motivated Joet to overcome any of the obstacles that came ahead of him. Thus, he often talks about his mother being his greatest inspiration.

Joet Gonzalez Parents: The Saver Of The Family

In the career shaping of Joet Gonzalez, there is a massive contribution of his parents and the family.

Joet has five siblings: Jayson, Jonjairo, Jaylene, Jousce, and Jajaira. Joet Gonzalez Parents shaped a bright future for all the children.

Joet Gonzalez Parents, Jose Gonzalez, and Sofia Gonzalez made sure none of the children suffered in the future, and they helped to crave the bright life ahead.

Joet Gonzalez Parents
Joet Gonzalez family is always supportive of him. (Source: Espn)

In 2007, during the first title match of Joet Gonzalez, his family managed to travel to Kansas City to support Joet in the first step in his career.

Joet’s father managed to borrow a loan despite the financial struggle, and his mother pawned gold to gather money to travel to Kansas City.

Now, Joet Gonzalez Parents are the proud father and mother of him, and the family’s financial condition is improving. 

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