Meet Nick Wayne Father Buddy Wayne And Mother Shayne Edwards: Family Background

Get ready to delve into the intriguing family background as we introduce you to Nick Wayne father Buddy Wayne and mother, Shayne Edwards.

Nick Wayne, an American professional wrestler, presently holds a position with the American promotion known as All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

At the remarkable age of 18, he became the youngest competitor in AEW’s history, leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Prior to his AEW tenure, Nick accomplished notable victories and earned prestigious titles, such as the DEFY World Championship and the 5CC World Championship.

What adds to his remarkable story is that Nick signed an “AEW Futures” contract at a mere 16 years old, cementing his reputation as a prodigious talent in the world of wrestling.

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Who Was Nick Wayne Father Buddy Wayne?

Nick Wayne’s journey as a professional wrestler is deeply intertwined with the pivotal role played by his family, particularly his father, Buddy Wayne.

Buddy Wayne, a revered wrestling legend in his own right, boasted a remarkable wrestling career that spanned over three decades.

Throughout his career, Nick Wayne father engaged in numerous wrestling bouts across the country and even had the privilege of working for prominent promotions like the WWF and WCW.

However, tragedy struck the Wayne family when Buddy Wayne passed away on June 17, 2017, at the age of 50, succumbing to a heart attack.

This devastating loss occurred when Nick was just 11 years old, leaving an indelible mark on his young life.

Nick Wayne Father
Nick Wayne father: played a vital role in shaping his career. (Source: Instagram)

Significantly, it was Buddy who assumed the role of Nick’s mentor, conducting his training and imparting his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Nick Wayne’s profound respect and admiration for his father are evident in his Instagram bio, where he proudly states, “Trained by Buddy Wayne.”

This declaration reflects Nick’s deep pride in being Buddy’s son and the heir to his wrestling legacy.

Nick’s early debut in the wrestling arena serves as a poignant tribute to his father’s influence on his career, a way of honoring the legacy Buddy left behind.

Looking ahead, Nick Wayne has expressed his intention to write a book about his father’s influence on his wrestling career, with aspirations of undertaking this project around the age of 30.

This book would undoubtedly serve as a touching testament to the enduring impact of Buddy Wayne on the life and career of his beloved son, Nick.

Introducing Nick Wayne Mother Shayne Edwards

Nick Wayne’s father, Buddy Wayne and mother, Shayne Edwards, exchanged vows in the early 2000s, forging a loving and respectful connection.

Nick observed a harmonious partnership between his parents as they jointly ventured into the “Buddy Wayne Academy” to impart wrestling skills to aspiring athletes.

Shayne’s unwavering support was evident, especially during Buddy’s two open-heart surgeries in 2013.

At just 12 years old, Nick saw his mother grappling with the loss of her beloved husband, an experience that profoundly shaped his perspective on life.

Nick Wayne Father
Nick Wayne father and his mother founded Buddy Wayne Academy (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Nick’s wrestling heritage extends beyond his parents, as his maternal grandfather, “Moondog” Ed Moretti, adds another layer of wrestling legacy to his family.

On a different note, according to a report, Nick Wayne and his mother were detained in Iceland following a suspected bomb threat during their plane journey.

Nick had been returning home after his debut in PROGRESS Wrestling when authorities discovered a threatening message on the bathroom mirror.

Local police thoroughly searched all carry-on items and personal belongings, with particular scrutiny directed at Shayne’s makeup kit due to its potential connection to the ominous message.

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