Who Is Anne Miller, Michael Gambon Wife? Kids And Family

Meet Michael Gambon wife and get detailed information on the Harry Potter actor’s family and kids in the write-up.

Sir Michael John Gambon was an Irish-English actor and theatre artist. He was recognized as one of the prominent actors and a respected personality.

Michael started his acting career as one of the original members of the Royal National Theatre in 1962.

At twenty-two, Gambon made his professional debut in the Gate Theatre’s production of Othello. Then, he appeared in dozens of plays and was loved by the audience.

In 1973, Michael Gambon landed a role as Inspector Grant in the movie Nothing but the Night; it was his debut project.

Veteran actor Michael Gambon died on 28 September 2023 at the age of eighty-two cause of pneumonia. Fans and audience are sending a message of condolences to the family and his children.

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Michael Gambon Wife, Anne Miller, Known As Lady Gambon,

Michael Gambon wife, Anne Miller, is popular as Lady Gambon among the fans. Anne is a mathematician by profession.

The couple got married in 1962, but the media was not very familiar with the marital life of Michael Gambon.

When asked about his wife, he often pretended he did not have a wife and refused to talk about Anne in the interviews and shows.

The initiation of the relationship between Michael Gambon and his wife, Anne Miller, was not like a fairy tale; however, their separation ended up in the drama.

After 2002, Michael Gambon lived apart from Anne with his new partner. The couple are said to have parted ways but never got divorced.

Miller is a strong and straightforward lady. When the affair of Michael spread to the public, Michael Gambon wife, Anne, refused to be in the same house.

Michael Gambon Wife
Anne Miller is Michael Gambon’s first wife. (Source: Dailymail)

Professionally, Anne is an established lady; she got her Ph.D. at Saint Louis University, United States, in 1972. Similarly, she also served as a professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford for some time.

Despite her distorted marriage life, Michael Gambon wife, Anne, never let it disturb her. She put confidence and joy on her face and enjoyed her life.

Alongside the death bed of Michael Gambon, Anne accompanied him till his last breath, and she was the one to provide the bewildered news of Michael Gambon’s death to the media.

Michael Gambon Family And Children: He Has Three Sons

Michael Gambon was born in Dublin as the son of his father, Edward Gambin, and his mother, Mary. His father was an engineering operative during World War II, and his mother was a seamstress.

When Michael was six, his family moved to Camden, London, and his days in Britain were always adventurous and joyful.

When Michael Gambon was a newcomer in the theatre play and career path, he married his lady, Anne Miller. The couple became parents to one son, Fergus Gambon, born in 1964.

Michael and Anne’s son Fergus has been a British Ceramics and Glass director since he joined the department in 1994. Based on the company, his responsibilities are to cover British pottery and porcelain.

When we were to talk about Michael Gambon wife, we also got introduced to another gorgeous lady, Philippa Hart.

Michael Gambon Wife
Michael Gambon wife, Philippa Hart is twenty-five years younger than him. (Source: Mirror)

Philippa is a set decorator and has worked in the movies like How I Live Now, Sense and Sensibility, and Scoop.

Michael Gambon and Philippa Hart started their romantic relationship in 2000, and Michael first introduced Philippa in public in 2002.

With Philippa Hart, Michael Gambon has two sons. The older son, Will, was born in 2007, and the youngest, Tom, was born in 2009.

Will and Tom are rare to the media as they are still growing phage and minors.

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