Who Is Camille Mori, Stefano Mori Wife? Son And Family

Who is Stefano Mori wife? Delve into the article to learn about the marital and relationship status of the popular actor.

Stefano Umberto Tareno Mori is a former Filipino actor and former member of the band JCS.

Starting his career in 1994, Stefano is popular for his angelic looks and sweet nature among the fans. He was part of the boyband trio JCS.

Similarly, he also starred in several TV shows, which include Familia Zaragoza, Mula Sa Puso, Hiraya Manawari, Flames, Maalaala MO Kaya, and Wansapanataym.

Moreover, the actor is popular among the fans as Benjamin ” Broj” Jimenez in the Filipino youth-oriented television show G-Mik.

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Who Is Camille Mori, Stefano Mori Wife?

Former Filipino actor Stefano Mori married his beloved wife, Camille Mori Dayot.

Many fans were curious about the personal life of the actor. Thus, Stefano Mori wife, Camille Mori, posted a picture of her and Stefano to ensure that the actor was doing good and well.

Stefano Mori wife, Camille Dayot, is a graduate of St. Paul College and now manages a small business with her sister, Riya Dayot.

Camille Dayot is a sweet, nice, and humorous lady who loves to be with nature and play with the pet animals.

Previously, Camille has volunteered in the vet, taking care of the pet animals. Similarly, she also worked as a florist for some time when she graduated from college.

There is not much information about Stefano Mori wife, and we cannot trace what she is doing right now as a profession.

Stefano Mori wife
Camille Mori Dayot is the beloved wife of Stefano Mori. (Source: Instagram)

However, one thing is clear: she is living her life with her husband, Stefano, to the fullest.

Upon the fan’s request, Camille often posts photos and videos of her and Stefano.

After Stefano disappeared from the entertainment industry in 2003, fans initially thought that he must be on the break.

But, later, they heard that Stefano was no longer an actor and musician. He decided to live his life far from the media, attention, and glamour.

In the decision, Stefano Mori wife, Camille Dayot Mori is assisting him so he can live his life the way he wants.

In one of the captions of her and Stefano’s photos, Camille mentioned that Stefano does not like to click pictures, and he has his reason for it.

Stefano Mori And Camille Dayot Children

Stefano Mori and his wife Camille Dayot Mori are in their peaceful marital life and enjoying their days.

Their peaceful life is sometimes obstructed by Stefano’s fans’ questions and interrogations about family.

After Stefano disappeared from the entertainment industry, fans were always trying to find out the information about his personal life. Now, Stefano Mori wife, Camille, is the source of information for them.

Thus, once they had asked her about the children they have. In response, Camille disclosed heartfelt news that they did have an adorable child but had to be sent to heaven at an early age.

Stefano Mori wife
Stefano Mori and his wife Camille Mori are still to have children. (Source: Instagram)

After that, the couple decided to wait for some time for it. Now, Stefano Mori does not have a child.

However, they are the parents of a Cat and a dog, Corgi. According to the caption on the Instagram post of Camille, the cat was recently adopted by Stefano.

Furthermore, the marital life of Stefano Mori and Camille Mori is filled with happy moments, and the couple stays in Italy and often returns to the Philippines to meet relatives.

Now, fans are desperately waiting for Stefano to return to Showbiz, but there is not any news of that. 

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