Who Is Mary Weiss Husband Ed Ryan? Kids And Family

Who Is Mary Weiss Husband Ed Ryan? American pop music vocalist Mary Weiss is well-recognized for her role as Shangri-La’s lead singer.

Linna remarked, “To both young men and women of my generation and of all generations, Mary was an icon, a hero, and a heroine.”

Weiss, who was born in 1948, showed a strong love of music early in life, remained steady throughout her career, and rose to prominence as a vocalist.

As a teenager, she became well-known with The Shangri-Las, starring in classics such as Leader of the Pack and Remember, which dealt with youthful love and sorrow.

The twins Marge and Mary Ann Ganser, who met in primary school, and two sets of sisters, Mary and Betty Weiss, made up the group.

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The Shangri-Las were a working-class girl group that originated in Queens, New York City. Their tough-girl persona set them apart from other girl groups.

The organization broke up by 1968, and Weiss found employment in the accounting division of an architectural business, rising to the position of chief buying agent there.

Weiss made a comeback to music in 2007 when he released his first solo album, Dangerous Game, on the Norton Records label.

People are curious to know more about Mary Weiss Husband Ed Ryan after her death news went viral online. Be with us till the end to know more.

Who Is Mary Weiss Husband Ed Ryan? Kids

When Mary Weiss passed away, she was wed to Ed Ryan. Mary Weiss Husband is Ed Ryan. And the details regarding her kids are not much revealed online.

Ed’s age, occupation, and date of birth are not known at this time because he lives a private life. We should respect their privacy, especially at this difficult time.

But because this is a developing tale, we are researching to learn more recent details about her husband, and we will update this page accordingly.

Mary Weiss Husband
Mary Weiss husband and her family are devastated by her death. (Source: CFF)

We should accept the decision of those who prefer to live their lives out of the spotlight for security and privacy reasons.

The recent confirmation of Mary’s death may have left their family in a state of complete shock.

May God grant her family the fortitude to handle this difficult time, and may his soul rest in peace.

Family Details Of Mary Weiss

Weiss, her older sister Elizabeth (Betty), and her older brother George grew raised in Cambria Heights in the New York City borough of Queens.

She sang in choruses and plays at school. She also watched her brother and his pals play hits from the time; George was an Elvis enthusiast.

Mary enjoyed artists like Neil Sedaka and The Everly Brothers; when she was 14 years old, she went to her first Everly Brothers concert at Freedomland U.S.A. in 1963.

The four of them sang at neighborhood dances and hops after Weiss and her sister Betty grew close to the twins Mary Ann and Margie Ganser while attending grammar school.

They were seen by Artie Ripp, a local producer, who signed them to Kama Sutra Productions after that.

Death Of Mary Weiss

The lead vocalist of The Shangri-Las, a famous girl group from the 1960s, Mary Weiss, passed away on Friday. Her age was reportedly seventy-five.

Ed Ryan, her spouse, informed NPR that she had passed away but provided no other details.

Mary Weiss husband
Mary Weiss, a 75-year-old American pop music vocalist best known for her role as lead singer of the Shangri-Las, passed away. (Source: The Mirror)

As a teenager, Weiss became well-known with The Shangri-Las, with classics like “Leader of the Pack” and “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” that dealt with youthful sorrow and love.

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