Who Is Melisa Maaser Robert Maaser Wife? Married Life And Kids

Who is Melisa Maaser Robert Maaser wife? Be with us till the end to explore more on his married life and kids.

German actor Robert Maaser is well-known for his roles in films such as “Dead Ringer,” “The Gandhi Murder,” and “The Witch and the Ottoman.”

Additionally, Robert played an assassin with Mark Wahlberg in the movie “Uncharted.”

In addition to his work in films, Maaser is well-known for his TV programs. He debuted in the small screen business in 2014 with the program “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten.”

He had several appearances in similar projects in the ensuing years, including “Sense8,” “Tatort,” and “Tatort.” He gave an outstanding performance in “Alles was zählt.”

Robert rose to prominence in May 2023 after starring as Heinrich in the film “Blood & Gold.”

Peter Thorwarth filmed Maaser, an action-packed movie, with stars like Roy McCrerey, Marie Hacke, Jördis Triebel, and Alexander Scheer.

Let’s get to know about Robert Maaser Wife, Melisa Maaser, and other details regarding her personal life.

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Who Is Melisa Maaser Robert Maaser Wife? 

Robert Maaser wife, Melisa Maaser made an appearance in the 2023 film Out for Vengeance as a waitress.

Melisa appears to consider acting as a side gig, with her major career being as a professional hairstylist and makeup artist, based on her Instagram bio.

She was responsible for Robert’s makeup for his SAE assignment!

Actress Melisa Maaser is a rising star in the entertainment industry. According to the information on her Instagram bio, she is also a hair and cosmetics stylist.

Robert Maaser Wife
Robert Maaser wife, Melisa is a Hair stylist & Makeup artist. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Melisa is scheduled to make her feature debut in the film Out for Vengeance. She will play the part of a waitress in that film.

Melisa was also a frequent participant on the social media network and an enthusiastic user. However, she is no longer active and hasn’t posted anything since 2021.

Melisa’s Instagram handle, @melisamaaser, is where you can find her. Through Instagram, she provided fans with a glimpse into her personal life and family life, along with her travels.

Their Married Life And Kids

Following his appearance in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Robert Maaser gained popularity. Many were surprised to learn that he was already married and had kids!

In addition, the actor used to be a professional wheel gymnast who competed in 14 world championships and two World Cups.

Robert Maaser uses his Instagram account to promote his art, but his wife Melisa Maaser allows fans to see snippets of his daily life.

Melisa, Robert Maaser’s current wife, shared a photo of the actor popping the question to her on top of a mountain in 2016.

Robert Maaser Wife
Robert Maaser is very happy with his wife and two kids. (Source: Instagram)

It’s unclear how long they dated before Robert finally plucked up the nerve to pop the question.

Before being married later that year in a modest ceremony in Potsdam, Germany, the pair had been engaged for several months.

Ela, Robert and Melisa’s first daughter, was born in 2019. But Melisa didn’t show their daughter’s face in a photo until two years later.

The couple declared that they were expecting a second child, Mina, whose birthdate is in October 2022. Currently, the couple is living a happy life without any controversies.

Mrs. Maaser occasionally posts pictures of her children on Instagram, but Robert never posts any of his own on any of his social media accounts.

In addition to being a gifted actor, Robert Maaser is renowned for his extraordinary physical prowess.

He enjoys working out at the gym and participating in gymnastics and other physical sports.

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