Meet Yared Nuguse Parents Alem And Mana Berhe: Family Ethnicity And Nationality

Yared Nuguse parents have been in the interest of many after the athlete became a 1,500m champion at the USATF Outdoor Championships on July 7, 2023.

Yared Nuguse is an American middle-distance runner born on June 1, 1999.  In 2019, Nuguse won the Distance Medley Relay at the NCAA Division I Indoor T&F Championships and 1500 meters at the NCAA Division I Outdoor T&F Championships.

He has set multiple records, holding the North American outdoor record for the 1500 meters and the North American indoor record for the 1500 meters, one mile, and 3000 meters.

Similarly, in 2021, Nuguse set the NCAA 1500 meters record and qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Unfortunately, Nuguse couldn’t participate due to a quad injury. However, in 2022, he broke the 18-year-old NCAA indoor 3000 meters record.

Moving into 2023, Nuguse shattered the North American indoor record in the 3000 meters at the Boston University John Thomas Terrier Classic.

Likewise, Yared’s recent win in 1500m is being praised worldwide, adding to his immense popularity.

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Meet Yared Nuguse Parents Alem And Mana Berhe

Yared Nuguse was born to Ethiopian immigrant parents in America. The accomplished runner and rising star in the track and field world credit his success to the persistent support and influence of his parents, Alem and Mana Berhe.

Yared Nuguse’s parents, Alem and Mana, come from Tigray, a war-torn region in northern Ethiopia.

Alem Nuguse, a former school teacher, endured a tumultuous past in Tigray during the 1970s and early ’80s.

This period marked a significant armed conflict between the Ethiopian government, under a Marxist military junta, and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group.

Many Tigrayans, including Alem, were unjustly imprisoned by the government. In an interview with The Orange County Register, Yared Nuguse’s father, Alem, revealed that he was tortured and subjected to physical abuse. 

Yared Nuguse parents
Yared Nuguse’s parents are very supportive of him. (Source: Players Bio)

After being imprisoned twice, Alem took a perilous journey to Sudan with three other men, risking their lives to escape the oppressive regime.

Their escape involved evading government troops and avoiding dangerous encounters with wildlife.

Eventually, Alem was granted refugee status by the Reagan administration and settled in Arlington, Virginia.

Nuguse found work, first in a clerical position with an insurance company and later with the post office.

In the United States, Alem met Mana, whom he hadn’t known in Ethiopia. The couple eventually settled in Louisville, Kentucky, where Alem now owns a liquor store, and Mana is a housemaker.

Yared, their fourth child out of six, was raised in Louisville, where he developed his passion for running. Yared Nuguse parents have always been very supportive of him. 

Despite facing setbacks and disappointments, Yared’s determination remains unyielding.

Nuguse has learned to persevere and bounce back, drawing inspiration from his parents’ strong spirit. Further, the athlete is very appreciative of them.

Yared Nuguse Family Ethnicity And Nationality

Yared Nuguse’s journey is deeply intertwined with his family’s history in both Ethiopia and America.

Raised in America, Yared holds American citizenship and proudly represents his country on various platforms.

However, when it comes to ethnicity, his Ethiopian roots and his parents’ experiences in Tigray have shaped his character and understanding of the world.

Yared Nuguse’s parents instilled in him a strong work ethic and mental fortitude.

Growing up, Nuguse witnessed their strength in adversity, inspiring him to pursue his athletic dreams.

Ethiopia’s rich history of producing world-class runners further fueled his passion.

Yared Nuguse parents
Yared Nuguse has five siblings, all of whom carry Ethiopian roots and American nationality. (Source: Instagram)

Beyond Nuguse’s personal achievements, Yared is deeply connected to his family’s journey and the challenges faced by his people in Tigray.

Nuguse has actively engaged in protests and advocacy efforts, highlighting the region’s conflicts and humanitarian crises.

As Yared embraces his Ethiopian heritage and advocates for his people, he also celebrates his American nationality.

Born and raised in America, Nuguse holds American citizenship alongside his five American siblings.

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