YG Confirms BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Scammed by Her Former Manager

Just today, YG Entertainment, known for being home of artists like BLACKPINK, BigBang, Winner, and many others, confirmed that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was indeed scammed.

What proves to be the worst news for the young star is that it was her former manager who scammed her. Weeks before Blackpink’s comeback, it was revealed that her former manager swindled 1 billion won (approx. $817 thousand) of her money.

BLACKPINK's Lisa was scammed by her former manger
Blackpink’s main dancer and rapper, Lisa Manoban

Former manager scammed BLACKPINK’s Lisa

According to online sources, the manager had been working with Lisa, aka Lisa Manoban since her debut days, back in 2016. What’s more upsetting is that the manager was loved by Blackpink’s fans and respected by other YG staff.

Hence, one can imagine how shocking the public was overhearing the news. And not to mention, Lisa has been surrounded by rumors and allegations ever since her debut. But this hits a different note with the star as she treated the manager like her own brother.

Moreover, it was revealed that the former manager spent all of her fortunes in gambling, which he promised to invest in real estate for her sake.

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And what more heartbreaking is the revelation made by another online source which claims, the manager targeted Lisa because of her vulnerability.

“Because Lisa is a foreign member and has been in Korea by herself since she was young, she is very vulnerable to these things. It is very unfortunate that these things happen in the industry. This is a serious situation that can damage domestic management’s image.”

For those who don’t know, Lisa moved to South Korea at the age of 13 to pursue her career in Korean entertainment. She is the only non-Korean member in Blackpink and has no family there.

YG Entertainment Confirms the News

Right after the issue broke out, YG Entertainment, also the home of Lisa and Blackpink, confirmed the disheartening news. They published an official stating how embarrassed they were over the former manager’s action. Not to mention, it also questions YG’s internal system and, of course, administration.

BLACKPINK's Lisa was scammed by her former manger
The South-Korean girl group BLACKPINKĀ 

The statement released read,

“After looking into the matter, we confirmed that Lisa was a victim of fraud by former manager “A.”

Despite all that happened, Lisa has not filed any charges and wishes to settle the matter peacefully, considering how she used to trust him.

“According to Lisa’s wishes to settle this amicably, as the former manager was someone Lisa had trusted, Manager “A” has reimbursed a part of the sum and has left the company after agreeing on a reimbursement plan for the rest of the sum.”

As mentioned above, YG Entertainment as a whole felt embarrassed regarding the situation and asked for forgiveness from the dear fans.

“We bow our heads and apologize for causing concern to the fans who love our artist. We are embarrassed by the misconduct of “A” and we are feeling responsible for the management and supervision. We are taking preventive measures so that this does not happen again.”

Fans Demand Justice for Lisa

Since the news broke out, many Korean netizens have been discussing over the matter, showing love and support for the artist. At the same time, many are asking YG to punish the culprit and are demanding justice for Lisa.

It is appalling how even fans were tricked into believing the former manager was a good guy. Fans had always spotted them together, having a good time and also complained when he suddenly disappeared, appearing with Lisa in events.

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It was likely for them to be outraged when the person they trusted turned out to be a backstabber and, worse, traitor.

Lisa’s fans have taken the issue on Twitter and are outright trending the topic.

However, this issue has also brought questions regarding YG’s internal system. Believe it or not, this is not the first time someone from YG scammed their artists. Before Lisa, three managers were charged for stealing 2 billion won from the former girl group 2NE1.

Seeing how it happened again, many doubt the artist will be safe in the future. Not to mention, their hard-earned money used for their own personal endeavors. And we really hope BLACKPINK’s Lisa getting scammed will be last of it.



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