Actor: Meet Damon Runyan Wife Jodie Dowdall And Daughter Ruby Simone

Do you want to know about Damon Runyan Wife? If so, discover his personal and family life in the following article to learn more about him.

Damon Runyan is a Canadian actor celebrated for his roles in popular movies and TV series like “My Mother’s Killer Boyfriend,” “The Perfect Cheerleader,” and “Home Before Dark.”

His journey in the entertainment industry began with a debut as a Cameraman in the 2000 drama series “Soul Food,” marking the initiation of his acting career.

Since then, Runyan has gained recognition for his versatile performances, showcasing his talent across various genres.

His notable appearances in both television and film have established him as a prominent figure in the Canadian entertainment scene.

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Meet Damon Runyan Wife Jodie Dowdall

Damon Runyan is married to a Canadian actress and TV personality named Jodie Dowdall, and they’ve been happily together since 2016.

Jodie Dowdall is a well-known Canadian actress and TV personality famous for playing Lalonde in the movie “Dead Dreams Beverly.”

She first stepped into the acting world with a role in the action-drama TV series “Earth: Final Conflict,” where she portrayed the character Young Elyse.

Damon Runyan Wife
Damon Runyan’s Wife Jodie Dowdal( Source: Instagram)

Her journey in the entertainment industry has seen her take on roles in seventeen movies and TV series, showcasing her talent in various genres.

People recognize her for her diverse performances in different kinds of stories.

Beyond acting, Jodie has also worked as a producer in a comedy-short film called “Triple-A.”

Being a producer means she helped make the funny short film come to life, making decisions and managing things behind the scenes to create an entertaining piece of work.

In simple terms, Jodie Dowdall is not only a talented actress who has played different roles in many movies and shows but has also taken on the job of a producer, contributing to the making of a comedy film called “Triple-A.”

She’s a versatile entertainer in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

How Did The Couple Meet?

The story of their love began on the set of a movie called “Dead of Winter,” where Jodie played a character named sister, and Damon portrayed John Garber.

They liked each other, started going on dates, and their connection grew more assertive.

In June 2016, Damon and Jodie decided to take their relationship to the next level and married.

They had a secret wedding ceremony with their family and a few friends present. Since then, they’ve been living a happily married life in their home in Canada.

The couple shares their home, their daughter, and a pet dog.

They’ve created a warm and loving family, enjoying life together. Damon and Jodie’s journey from meeting on a movie set to building a family reflects their happiness and commitment to each other.

It’s a sweet love story that shows how two people found each other and created a beautiful life together.

Meet Damon Runyan Daughter

Damon and Jodie, the lovely couple, experienced the joy of parenthood with their first child, a daughter named Ruby Simone, born on March 1, 2017.

The couple was overjoyed to welcome their baby into the world, marking a particular moment.

As a proud father, Damon has openly shared the happiness of parenthood on his Instagram account.

Through his posts, he has provided glimpses into their family life, offering fans and followers a chance to share their joyous moments.

 Like any proud parent, Damon couldn’t help but capture and share this milestone moment with his followers.

The moments and updates shared about Ruby Simone on social media showcase the family’s happiness and allow fans to connect with the personal side of Damon and Jodie’s life.

Damon Runyan Wife
Damon Runyan with his wife and daughter(Source: Facebook)

In embracing and celebrating the joys of parenthood, Damon continues to share the love and growth of his family, creating a bond with his audience beyond the entertainment realm.

The shared experiences and pictures reflect the warmth and affection in their family life.

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