Who Is Chris Jason, Adolis García Son? Daughter Name Under Review

Delve into the article to learn about Adolis García son and daughter. Know about the player’s family details and marital life.

José Adolis García Arrieta is a Cuban professional baseball outfielder for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Adolis played in MLB for the St. Louis Cardinals and Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) for the Yomiuri Giants.

30 Years old García started his professional journey in 2016 after he signed with the Yomiuri Giants.

Now, the baseball player is signed to Texas Rangers, which he signed in 2020.

Adolis García is known for his fantastic performance as an outfielder and batting performance. He is rewarded as an MLB all-star for the years 2021 and 2023.

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Adolis García Son, Chris Jason Is An Adorable Boy

Adolis García is married to a graceful lady, Yama Gonzalez. The couple has been in a marital relationship for more than twelve years.

Adolis and Yama are blessed with two adorable children: a son, Chris Jason, and a daughter.

Adolis García son, Chris Jason, was born in June 2017, and as of 2023, he has marked six years old.

Jason is the most precious human being for the baseball player Adolis. As Jason is the first child, he got lots of love from his mother and father.

Adolis García son has been a vibrant and active kid since he was a small toddler. When we look into the Instagram posts of father Adolis García and mother Yama Gonzalez, we can see several childhood pictures of Chris Jason.

Adolis García Son
Adolis García Son: The player is so much in love and affection with his son, Chris Jason. (Source: Instagram)

With his mother, Yama, Adolis García son, Chris is often seen in baseball matches and tournaments to cheer up his father for his performance.

Similarly, Adolis García runs to his family and tightly hugs them with love and affection.

Adolis García son, Chris Jason, is more like a fashion star son of his professional player father. At age three, he got his personal Instagram account, which his mother handles.

Chris Jason has more than 100 followers on his Instagram account and fifty-six posts up to October 2023.

His Profile on Instagram consists of himself and his younger sister. Jason is a big brother to his sister and an adorable growing family member.

Adolis García Wife, Yama Gonzalez And Daughter

Adolis García is together with his beloved wife, Yama Gonzalez. She is often described as the embodiment of a supportive partner. Beyond the fame and spotlight garnered by her husband’s achievement, she remains his unwavering pillar of strength.

Besides being a supportive wife, Yama Gonzalez is a responsible mother to her son and daughter.

Adolis García and Yama Gonzalez are parents to a son and daughter. Their daughter was born on 20, December 2022. 

The name of Adolis García’s daughter is still to be disclosed. She is described by his fans as a little munchkin. 

Adolis García Son
Adolis García has a happy family of his wife, son, and daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Adolis García’s daughter is incredibly cute, and her every act is adorable to the fans. 

Similarly, she is the princess of the family and the youngest jewel to her parents and elder brother, Jason.

Adolis García and his wife, Yama Gonzalez, always try to be better parents to their two children. Similarly, they also put their family in the first place of anything in the world.

Chris Jason and his younger sister are growing up in good parenting and are on the way to competing worldwide.

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