Is Yennier Cano Related To Robinson Cano: Are They Son And Father?

Having made names as a professional baseball player, many people have been asking Is Yennier Cano related to Robinson Cano?

Yennier Cano is a professional Cuban baseball pitcher who is currently playing for the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

Before this, he played in the Cuban National Series for the Tigress de Ciego de Avilla from 2013 to 2016.

Though he debuted in MLB in 2022, he has established himself as a prominent player in the field with his determination and hard work.

On the other hand, Robinson Cano is a Dominican-American professional baseball second baseman and is a free agent.

He has played for prominent clubs in his career including the New York Yankers, Seattle Marines, New York Mets, San Diego Padres, and Atlanta Braves of MLB.

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Is Yennier Cano Related To Robinson Cano: Are They Son And Father?

Yennier Cano and Robinson Cano are renowned baseball players who often attract huge public attention for their games. Because they have the same surname and the same field of expertise, they have often been linked together.

Many people take Yennier Cano and Robinson Cano as father and son. But that’s not the case. Aside from their similarity in career, they are not related to each other.

Is Yennier Cano Related To Robinson Cano
Yennier Cano and Robinson Cano are both prominent baseball players in MLB. (Source: seattletimes)

So, while they may share a love for the game, they do not share any blood relations.

It’s understandable why people speculate about their connection. After all, their matching surnames and prowess in baseball create a tempting narrative.

That’s why even if Yennier and Robinson both are remarkable athletes, they are not father and son. 

Yennier Cano And Robinson Cano Family Tree

Just like not having any blood relations, Both of the players, Yennier Cano and Robinson Cano, do not share any common family background.

Yennifer is a Cuban resident where as Robinson grew up in American culture. The differences in their upbringing and journey to the United States add a fascinating layer to their baseball narratives.

Though Yennier was born in Cuba, due to limited work opportunities and a desire to pursue his baseball dreams at a higher level, he made the decision to come to the United States.

However, details regarding his parents and his upbringing remain undisclosed, as Yennier maintains a secretive personality, keeping his personal life private.

Whether he grew up alone or with siblings is still a mystery, adding an air of secrecy to his persona. There is also no information about his children or wife, who might add to his family tree.

Yennier Cano Related And Robinson Cano
Despite being in the same profession, Yennier Cano and Robinson Cano share different family backgrounds. (Source: New York Post)

On the other hand, Robinson Cano’s family background has been the talk of the town. His father, Jose Cano, once a skilled baseball pitcher, made his mark in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the Houston Astros in 1989.

In his short stint in the league, Jose Cano left an indelible mark by recording a complete game in his final appearance, a feat achieved by no other pitcher. He later played in Taiwan for the Uni-President Lions and the Wei Chuan Dragons.

Robinson’s mother, Claribel Mercedes, remains a lesser-known figure, with limited information available about her. However, her influence on her son’s journey to success cannot be underestimated.

Growing up, Robinson Cano shared his childhood with his brother, Gregory Cano, who likely significantly shaped his baseball aspirations.

With Dominican roots on their father’s side, Robinson carries the heritage of his Dominican lineage alongside his American nationality.

Moreover, the baseball player has two children, who also add up to his family tree. 

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