Meet Amy-Samantha Andrews And Jessica Andrews: Anthony Andrews Daughter

Most of us are well versed about Anthony’s accomplishment as an actor. In this article, explore more about his personal life and learn more about Anthony Andrews daughters and family.

Anthony Colin Gerald Andrews, born on January 12, 1948, is a well-known English actor who gained international recognition for his role as the aristocrat Sebastian Flyte in the television adaptation of Brideshead Revisited.”

Initially considering a military career, he began his theatrical journey as a stagehand at the Chichester Festival Theatre and later joined the New Shakespeare Company. This led him to make his debut opposite the legendary John Gielgud in Alan Bennett’s Forty Years On.” 

Notably, he garnered tremendous acclaim for his role at the Palace Theatre in London’s West End in The Woman In White. Additionally, Andrews has demonstrated his versatility as a producer, co-producing films such as Lost in Siberia” and Haunted through his production company, Double ‘A’ Films. 

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Anthony Andrews Daughter: Amy-Samantha Andrews And Jessica Andrews 

As we all know, the actor is a father of three, and curiosity about Anthony Andrews’s daughter has spiked. While most people think Andrews has all three daughters, this is not true. He has two daughters, Amy-Samantha and Jessica Andrews, and a son, Joshua Andrews.

Anthony Andrews daughter
Anthony Andrews daughters have been bought up in a very loving environment. (Source: Bookesther)

According to the credits available for Amy-Samantha, she studied at Bradfield College, Berkshire, London. While studying at college (around 2003), she played the role of Cassandra in the drama Agamemnon. While confirmation is not available about her credits, she seems to be a talented individual.

She has been making multiple red-carpet appearances with her parents at many events in literature and theater. However, other information about her is limited, as she lives a very private life.

Jessica Andrews is another daughter of the couple. She has credits on her IMDb profile and is predominantly known for PrecognitionPlayground Logic, and Silent Witness. Moreover, she was also featured on Ralph Edwards’s documentary “This is Your Life” along with Joshua Edwards.

However, actual information about her birth date and upbringing is also unavailable. Regardless, Anthony Andrews’s daughters and son have been his pillar of strength all his life.

Anthony Andrews Family And Married Life

Anthony Andrews is the eldest son of Stanley Andrews and Geraldine Andrews among their five children. His father was a professional musician, conductor, arranger, and composer and was a member of the Jack Payne Orchestra and the Jack Jackson Orchestra. Stanley was born in 1903 and left the world in 1953.

Additionally, his mother was a dancer who was born in 1919 and left the world in 2001. Andrews was very close to his parents and siblings while growing up.

Anthony Andrews daughter
Anthony and Georgina have been married for more than 50 years. (Source: Facebook)

Andrews has been happily married to Georgina Simpson for a very long time. The two of them met and fell in love enough to get married on December 1, 1971. Georgina was known at the time for the show Simpsons of Piccadilly as part of the department store family.

Georgina Simpson was born on April 8, 1946, in Marylebone, London, England. An actress best known for The Special Brunch (1969), Otley (1969), and BBC Play of the Month (1965), has given wonderful performances in those movies.

In an interview with The Lady, Anthony said his wife was his best friend. Above all, he said their core friendships are so important. “We are very tolerant of each other and have always gone to great lengths to keep our family together,” he said.

So, Anthony Andrews seems to have had a very fulfilling childhood and married life. He has had the full support of his family, wife, and children throughout his career.

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