Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is David Lisonbee Wife?

The internet is buzzing with Bianca Lisonbee searches. Get in-depth information about David Lisonbee’s wife’s background, age and more through this Bianca Lisonbee wikipedia.

Bianca Lisonbee is a prominent co-founder of the esteemed 4Life Research, LLC, an enterprise distinguished for its focus on nutritional supplements and direct selling.

Likewise, the year 2023 witnessed her recognition as one of the direct selling industry’s most influential female founders by Direct Selling News.

Moreover, Bianca Lisonbee’s influence extends beyond her industry achievements; she serves as an invaluable source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly young women.

Further, her story resonates universally and embodies the quintessential spirit of entrepreneurship. Learn more about her life journey and more in this Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia.

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Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia And Age

Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia: As a distinguished figure in the business world, she stands as a co-founder of 4Life Research and LLC.

Likewise, with an impressive track record spanning over two decades, she brings a wealth of experience to these domains.

Notably, Bianca Lisonbee holds the esteemed position of Vice Chairman at 4Life Research USA LLC, showcasing her leadership within the organization.

Similarly, born in November 1953, Bianca Lisonbee’s age stands at 2023, he is 71 years old, a testament to her enduring commitment to her field.

Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia
Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia: Bianca is the Vice Chairman of 4Life Research USA LLC. (Source: YouTube)

Further, alongside her husband, David Lisonbee, she founded 4Life Research in 1998, a venture that has left a lasting impact on the industry.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Bianca Lisonbee serves as the Chairwoman of Foundation 4Life, a notable non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential assistance to communities in need.

Moreover, her unwavering commitment has earned her recognition and respect, making her a prominent figure in the direct selling industry.

Bianca Lisonbee Is The Wife Of David Lisonbee 

David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee, a married couple, stand as the visionary founders behind 4Life Research, LLC.

Their journey together commenced in December of 1974 when they entered into matrimony, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership in both marriage and business.

David Lisonbee, the driving force behind 4Life Research, serves as the company’s Founder and CEO.

Similarly, his academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a master’s degree in Business Administration, both earned at Brigham Young University.

Bianca Lisonbee Wikipedia
Bianca and her husband, David Lisonbee, founded 4Life Research in 1998. (Source:
Direct Selling Education Foundation)

In parallel, Bianca Lisonbee holds the position of Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Foundation 4Life and received her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University.

Likewise, with nearly five decades of matrimony, David and Bianca Lisonbee have built a successful business empire and nurtured a loving family.

Furthermore, they have also been together while raising five children and now enjoy the company of thirteen grandchildren.

Bianca Lisonbee Net Worth Collection

As an accomplished business owner, Bianca Lisonbee’s financial standing is presumed to be substantial, although precise details regarding her net worth remain undisclosed.

However, what is clear is her integral role as a co-founder, alongside her husband David Lisonbee, in the flourishing enterprise, 4Life Research.

While David Lisonbee was speculated to be a billionaire, it’s worth noting that the exact extent of Bianca Lisonbee’s wealth remains unspecified.

Nevertheless, given her pivotal position within the company and their shared dedication to its success, it is reasonable to assume that her financial standing is on par with her husband’s.

Likewise, the couple’s joint efforts have undeniably contributed to the remarkable success of 4Life Research, which had a net sales of more than $250 million.

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