Bodybuilder Craig Toth Wikipedia And Age: Wife And Death

Discover Craig Toth Wikipedia and age. Unveil the details about his information and death records.

Craig Toth was the legendary amputee bodybuilder and has left an indelible mark on bodybuilding.

Craig had an extended legacy spread beyond their physical powers, and he had an immense passion for bodybuilding.

Besides his work as a bodybuilder and physical trainer, Toth was also a potential athlete in several physical tournaments.

Apart from that, Craig Toth himself is an incredible talent who always work and plan towards his desires, goal, and passion.

However, Craig Toth left the world on 6 November 2023. He died after a long, courageous battle with brain cancer.

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Craig Toth Wikipedia And Age: A Remarkable Person

Craig Toth Wikipedia: Craig hailed from Boise, Idaho, and was born and raised in Delta Junction, Alaska.

Similarly, he attended Delta Junction High School. At the teenage, Craig discovered his passion and life for fitness and athleticism.

At first, Craig worked on his own, and when he was eighteen years old, Toth joined a gym and fitness center that was near his home.

Craig Toth’s passion grew as he pursued higher education at Boise State University in Idaho. When he was at university, Craig started to take part in the bodybuilding tournament and other championships.

Craig Toth’s Wikipedia glories his professional achievements and career details. Throughout his career, Craig earned numerous victories and trophies. 

Craig Toth Wikipedia
Craig Toth Wikipedia: He lived his life as a professional body builder and trainer. (Source: Facebook)

Toth won the PRO Bodybuilding Master division and secured the second position in the open division.

Similarly, Craig’s initial achievement was recorded in 2007, 2008, and 2009, when he earned second place in the same event. He was tied with another athlete in the highly competitive 2009 NGA PRO Universe.

In 2011, when Craig Toth participated in IFPA Pro USA, he was noticed by many fellow athletes and coaches.

In the consecutive year, he claimed victory at the Grand Teton in 2012 and was named Anchorage Pro Champion.

Aside from competitive championships, Craig Toth also owned his gym and served as a professional trainer for several years. He also advocates for drug-free athleticism.

Craig Toth Wikipedia: Wife Jessica Binder- Toth

Craig Toth was a family man married to his beloved partner, Jessica Binder-Toth. The couple got married in December 2015. 

Craig Toth’s wife, Jessica, is an 8th-grade Mathematics teacher at Kuna Jt. School. She is a competent lady and an incredible women.

Craig Toth Wikipedia
Craig Toth with his wife Jessica Toth. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, Craig Toth’s wife, Jessica, was always there in the tournaments and competitions he participated in. She helped him during the most challenging time of his life.

Moreover, Jessica helped Craig never lose hope and work on his passion even when his life and fate refused to do so.

Craig Toth Wikipedia
Craig Toth and Jessica Toth are blessed with a son, Sterling Toth. (Source: Facebook)

Craig Toth and Jessica Toth are blessed with one son, Sterling Toh. He is a student of first grade.

Craig Toth Wikipedia: His Death And Cause

Craig Toth passed away on 6 November 2023 at the age of fifty-two after a long struggle with Brain Cancer. 

It is known that Craig was battling with Brain Cancer for years and had been coping with it with healthy habits and positivity.

Craig Toth Wikipedia
Craig Toth Wikipedia: He lost his life at the age of 52 because of brain cancer. (Source: Facebook)

In addition to this, Craig frequently visited hospitals for treatment and diagnosis. However, his body could bear the pain till 6 November and lost its strength against cancerous cells.

In memory of his legacy, Craig’s wife Jessica has organized a gathering at his beloved gym on 11 November 2023 to have a celebration of life for this incredible father, husband, mentor, and friend as per the wish of the late Craig.

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