Brian Szasz Jail Or Prison: Arrest Charges And Stalking Case

The police arrested Brain Szasz on June 2021 for multiple charges. Explore inside to learn whether Brian Szasz Jail or not.

The activities of Brian Szasz during the hunt for his stepfather, British entrepreneur and adventurer Hamish Harding, who was on board a missing submersible headed for the Titanic, catapulted him into the media spotlight.

Szasz garnered attention for his social media conduct while rescuers toiled desperately to find the submersible.

Furthermore, Szasz went to a Blink-182 performance while the investigation was still going on, which drew harsh condemnation from many people, including the rapper Cardi B.

Many questioned his decision to partake in leisure pursuits in light of the fact that his stepfather’s whereabouts were unknown.

Szasz was also accused of sending threatening texts to women in the rave community in the past, which added to the unfavorable publicity he was receiving.

Brian Szasz Jail Or Prison: Was He Ever Arrested?

When it comes to identifying whether Brian Szasz is currently behind bars, the search results that are currently accessible are inconclusive. One of the sources states that he was arrested in June 2021 on suspicion of online stalking.

According to the search results, he has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and Asperger’s Syndrome, which may be pertinent to his situation.

Brian Szasz Jail
Brian Szasz was sent to jail on June 2021. (Source: Istock)

A letter from Leslie Szasz, a retired FBI agent, states that Brian needs regular and regularly scheduled treatments to prevent blindness. She also said, “I have filed two complaints with your departments via your online portal since Brian’s incarceration. I have received no response…”

He further adds,” As a dad, it makes me sick. I feel miserable, literally sick to my stomach. I couldn’t sleep and still can’t. For months, I was up in the middle of the night. I figured I might as well start writing letters.”

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Brian Szasz Arrest Charges And Stalking Case: Twitter Update

When Brian Szasz was arrested at the Vista Detention Facility for online stalking, his legal position took a dramatic turn. It is unknown if he has been released on bond or if he is still being held.

According to reports, Brian Szasz has engaged in unsettling behaviors such as stalking women and making violent threats.

Brian Szasz Jail
Brian Szasz was arrested for harassing a girl on Twitter. (Source: todaysfive)

Furthermore, he is accused of making death threats against a woman he met through Twitter at a Trology performance and even obtaining a tattoo of her on his forearm despite never having met her.

Along with lying about relationships with numerous women on social media using their genuine identities and Twitter handles, he is also accused of threatening to commit a mass killing at an EDM festival.

A Twitter user revealed the stalker incidents she had dealt with from Brian Szasz, which led to the disclosure of the revelations about him.

Moreover, the issue worsened as more information came to light, including the woman barring him and his subsequent efforts to contact her through other platforms.

Likewise, when Brian’s stepfather, Hamish Harding, was on board the missing OceanGate Submarine, most of these reported incidents allegedly occurred within the EDM community. Then, women on Twitter started debating Brian Szasz’s genuine character.

Brian Szasz Blink 182 Concert Post Backlash

Even though his stepfather was aboard the missing Titanic submersible and was presumed dead in the Atlantic Ocean, Brian Szasz made news when he went to a Blink-182 concert in California.

He explained his choice while posting about his outing on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. He said his family would want him to enjoy the concert because it was his favorite band, and music helped him through tough times.

Brian Szasz Jail
Brian Szasz attending the Blink 182 concert caused a major controversy. (Source: Twitter)

However, online users were upset with his decision and chastised him for attending the event when his stepfather was still missing.

Furthermore, online accusations against Brian Szasz surfaced after the controversy. He came under more investigation in July 2021 after it was claimed that he had sent harassing and threatening communications to women in the rave scene.

He was also arrested in June 2021 on suspicion of stalking someone online. The search results do not offer precise information about his legal background or if he has ever been imprisoned.

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