Caddie Steve Williams Wife Kirsty Williams Kids And Family Details

Caddie Steve Williams has been married to his wife, Kristy, for over a decade, and they live happily together. This article will introduce us to Caddie Steve Williams Wife, Kids and Family.

Steve Williams is a New Zealander who has worked as a caddied with numerous gold players for years. He is most renowned for being the caddie for legendary golf player Tiger Woods. And recently, he was the caddie for Jason Day.

Before joining Woods’ team, Williams began his career as a caddy for Greg Norman and later worked with Raymond Floyd. Williams is infamous for his divisive remarks about Tiger and his private life, which became the reason for their split.

Additionally, he recently assisted Adam Scott in winning the 2013 Masters. Williams has retired to work with Scott again at the Australian PGA  and Australian Open.

So, let’s learn more about his family and personal life and answer the most asked question, i.e., Who is Caddie Steve Williams Wife?

Caddie Steve Williams Wife

Since being married in 2006. Steve and Kristy have lived together in New Zealand with their son since 2014. His wife has described Steve as a devoted and trustworthy individual who struggles to unwind since he is constantly occupied with something. And an exciting thing; Tiger Woods attended his marriage.

Kristy complained about Tiger’d handling of a scenario in 2022. It’s known what happened, but it’s possible that it had to do with Tiger and his husband’s work connection.

Caddie Steve Williams Wife
Caddie Steve Williams and his wife Kristy Williams. (Source: photo shelter)

For 13 years, Tiger had Steve as his caddie, and the two enjoyed a fruitful working relationship that produced multiple triumphs.

However, there were some issues with their relationship, and in 2011, Tiger abruptly dismissed Steve, shocking the gold community.

Finally, Steve has stayed committed to his family despite the ups and downs of his profession, and his wife has been a continuous source of support.

Although their migration to New Zealand was probably a significant shift, they developed a close relationship. While his work and the future are unclear, it is apparent that his family will play a significant role in his life.

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Caddie Steve Williams Kids

Jett Williams is the son of Steve Williams, a former caddie for golfing legend Greg Norman and Tiger Woods. Jett decided to focus on his sporting interests despite having a father who was heavily involved in the golf industry.

He has always been among the most minor players on the field as a high school baseball player. Jett has still established himself as a valued part of his squad because of his tenacity and talent.

Caddie Steve Williams Wife
Caddie Steve Williams was inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame in 2014. (Source: NYTimes)

When Jett won his heat at the Saloon Speedweek event at Woodford Glen in 2013, Steve Williams and Jett enjoyed a great moment.

However, Steve had to miss several of his son’s other athletic activities due to job obligations. Steve often traveled between New Zealand and the United States for work in 2015, which regrettably required him to miss Jett’s rugby sessions.

Despite these obstacles, Jett has maintained his level of excellence in his sporting endeavors. While there isn’t much known about Jett Williams other than that he plays rugby and baseball, it is evident that he is a skilled and committed young athlete.

Like his father, who served as a caddy for some of the best golfers, he may one day establish himself in the athletic world.

Caddie Steve Williams Family Details

While we know very little about Steve’s family, we know a few things about his private life. Steve Williams, born in 1963 in New Zealand, quit school at 16 to follow his passion for caddying.

He later enjoyed success as a caddy, working with several of the game’s top pros, including Jason Day, Greg Norman, Raymond Floyd, Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, and Danielle Kang.

Caddie Steve Williams Wife
Caddie Steve Williams with Tiger Woods. (Source: golf)

Steve Williams wed Kirsty Williams in 2006; the two had a son named Jett. Whether Jett is their only kid is unknown; however, Wyndam, another son of Steve Williams, is confirmed to exist. Beyond these few facts, we regrettably don’t know much more about Steve’s family.

Even though nothing is known about his family, Steve Williams has undoubtedly established himself in the golfing community.

He is recognized as one of the top caddies in the industry and has aided his players in winning several competitions and essential titles. Even though Steve is retired, his impact on golf will endure for a long time.

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