Is Tew Jiath, Changkuoth Jiath Brother? Family Tree

Behind the tackles and goals lies a tale of family strength. Explore the familial ties that shaped Changkuoth Jiath brother and his ascent in the AFL.

Changkuoth Jiath, affectionately known as CJ is a key player for the Hawthorn Football Club in the AFL. Jiath’s journey to AFL stardom began when he was selected as a Category B rookie in 2017.

Born in Ethiopia to South Sudanese parents, Jiath moved to Australia at the age of six, where he honed his skills at the Morwell Youth Club before progressing to senior football with the Morwell Tigers.

Despite a delayed start in 2018 due to a groin injury, Jiath made a lasting impact with Box Hill before making his debut for Hawthorn in 2019. Likewise, the 2021 season marked a breakout year for CJ.

Jiath’s statistics reveal a player on the rise, consistently contributing goals, kicks, and tackles. As Jiath continues to make waves in the AFL, the football community eagerly anticipates his continued rise.

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Is Tew Jiath, Changkuoth Jiath Brother?

The world of Australian Rules Football has witnessed the emergence of a dynamic duo that is not only bound by blood but also by an undying passion for the sport.

Yes, Tew Jiath is indeed the brother of the remarkable Changkuoth Jiath, and together, they form a powerhouse of talent that has captured the attention of football enthusiasts nationwide.

Tew Jiath, the younger of the two brothers, has been making waves in the football scene with his exceptional skills and athleticism.

Standing at 187cm and weighing in at 71kg, Tew is an agile defender whose performances in the Coates Talent League have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Changkuoth Jiath Brother
Changkuoth Jiath brother accompanied him to the Toyota showroom. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he was also able to maintain an 80% kicking efficiency throughout the year. The journey of Changkuoth Jiath brother took an exciting turn when he was drafted by the Collingwood Magpies with Pick 37 in the 2023 AFL Draft.

Changkuoth Jiath, the elder brother and a key player for the Hawthorn Football Club, has undoubtedly been a source of inspiration for Tew.

In an interview, Tew expressed his admiration for Changkuoth, considering him not only as a brother but also as a role model. Their close bond is evident, with Tew often seeking guidance and support from his older sibling.

The Jiath brothers’ bond extends beyond the field, as evident in a post by berwick_toyota. The dealership expressed excitement and pride in welcoming Changkuoth and Tew Jiath to the Toyota family.

The post encapsulates the joy of two siblings succeeding together and creating a name for themselves in the competitive world of AFL. It is safe to say that they are kissing new heights every day.

As Changkuoth Jiath brother embarks on his AFL journey with Collingwood the AFL community eagerly awaits his continued success, knowing that his legacy is one built on talent, determination, and unbreakable brotherhood.

Changkuoth And Tew Jiath Family Tree

In the heartwarming tale of the Jiath family, the roots of resilience and determination run deep, weaving a narrative that transcends borders and challenges.

Born in an Ethiopian refugee camp, Changkuoth Jiath’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of Hawthorn’s most exhilarating players exemplifies the power of perseverance and family support.

Changkuoth’s early years were shaped by the stark realities of the refugee camp, where his parents had sought refuge after escaping the turmoil of South Sudan.

In 2007, at the age of seven, Changkuoth and his family embarked on a life-changing journey to Australia. The plane ride marked the beginning of a new chapter for the Jiath family.

Changkuoth Jiath Brother
An old picture of Changkuoth Jiath with his family in 2018. (Source: Twitter)

Recalling those initial moments of cultural adjustment, Changkuoth humorously remembers his first encounter with cheese, a strange and unfamiliar food presented on a plastic airline tray.

The stark differences between the life he knew and the new world unfolding before him became evident however, he and his family took every opportunity to set the stage for a remarkable story of success.

Apart from him and his brother Tew, his sister is a member of the CMY’s Gippsland YAG, contributing to community initiatives. She is very supportive of both of them.

In the end, Changkuoth Jiath’s journey is not just his own; it’s a shared narrative of a family that turned adversity into opportunity, proving that with resilience, love, and a united spirit, anything is possible.

The Jiath family tree stands tall, its branches reaching far and wide, casting a shadow of inspiration for generations to come.

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