Chris Mortensen Smoke Linked To Throat Cancer: Was Alcoholic Too?

Chris Mortensen, ESPN’s NFL analyst, faced a challenging battle against Stage 4 throat cancer, a diagnosis delivered with grim certainty by a doctor in January 2016.

Chris Mortensen, the esteemed ESPN journalist and veteran NFL insider, has passed away at the age of 72, as confirmed by the network.

With a prolific career spanning three decades, Mortensen became a familiar face on ESPN, contributing to iconic shows like “Sunday NFL Countdown,” providing analysis for the NFL Draft, and being a valued presence on “SportsCenter.”

Recognized as an industry pioneer, Mortensen’s remarkable skill and passion for covering the NFL made him a beloved figure among colleagues and fans alike.

His legacy as a dedicated and supportive teammate leaves an indelible mark on sports journalism.

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Chris Mortensen Smoke Linked To Throat Cancer

Chris Mortensen, the renowned ESPN NFL analyst, faced a challenging battle against Stage 4 throat cancer, a diagnosis delivered with grim certainty by a doctor in January 2016.

The news struck hard, especially for someone whose livelihood depended on his voice. The journey through 35 radiation treatments designed to eliminate the tumor proved arduous, and as the treatments concluded, optimism for a swift recovery was met with a harsh reality.

Mortensen, anticipating relief, was instead told to brace for the sensation of his throat “cooking” for the next one to two months.

Amid the grueling treatment, Mortensen’s resilience shone through, and he shared his outlook with a matter-of-fact demeanor during the challenging days and weeks when his throat felt ablaze.

The enduring spirit of the veteran reporter prevailed, even as he contemplated the uncertainty of finishing the year.

Fast forward to a statement released through ESPN MediaZone, where Mortensen, now 64, revealed a positive turn in his health journey.

Chris Mortensen Smoke led Throat Cancer
Chris Mortensen received a diagnosis of Stage 4 throat cancer in January 2016. (Image Source: USA Today)

Recent scans and exams at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center conveyed encouraging news. The Stage IV throat cancer, initially diagnosed in January and vigorously treated with chemotherapy and radiation, showed virtually zero detection in the latest evaluations.

Mortensen expressed gratitude for the support and revealed his shift from a focus on treatment to a dedicated pursuit of recovery.

Despite this hopeful update, Mortensen acknowledged the toll his medical ordeal had taken on his body. Extended hospitalization resulted in significant weight loss, strength depletion, and related health issues.

Looking ahead, he committed to ongoing scans and exams to monitor his health. Mortensen also planned to embark on a rehabilitation journey to rebuild his strength and endurance after enduring a challenging chapter in his life.

Reflecting on Mortensen’s journey serves as a testament to his resilience, positive progress, and the unpredictability inherent in the battle against cancer.

Was Chris Mortensen Alcoholic Too?

There is no evidence to suggest that Chris Mortensen was alcoholic during his lifetime.

While he battled throat cancer in 2016, there is no information or documentation supporting any alcoholic habits.

Mortensen, an award-winning journalist renowned for his extensive coverage of the NFL on ESPN for over three decades, passed away on a Sunday morning in 2024 at the age of 72, as announced by his family. 

Chris Mortensen Alcoholic Too
There is no indication or proof that Chris Mortensen was an alcoholic throughout his life. (Image Source: BVM Sports)

Joining ESPN in 1991, Mortensen became a key contributor to the network’s NFL shows and “SportsCenter,” gaining recognition for breaking major news stories, including the announcement of quarterback Peyton Manning’s retirement in 2016.

In that same year, Mortensen received the prestigious Dick McCann Award from the Pro Football Writers of America, and he was honored during the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s enshrinement ceremony in August.

Throughout his illustrious career, there is no indication or confirmation of any struggles with alcohol, and Mortensen’s legacy primarily revolves around his remarkable contributions to sports journalism and the NFL reporting landscape.

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