Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia And Eta: Homicide Case Update 2024

Discover the details regarding Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia and age on the internet. 

22 years have gone since Desirée Piovanelli was brutally murdered, leaving the province in a state of terror and bloodshed.

On September 28, 2002, in the early afternoon, the young child—who lived in Via Romagna in Leno with her parents and brothers—left home.

With a pretext, she accepted an invitation to visit the neighboring Ermengarda farmhouse, which had been nearly abandoned and was now being demolished.

It was there that she met her executioners, Giovanni Erra, 37, and three extremely young people who were nearly the same age: Nicola Bertocchi, Mattia Franco (known as Bibo), and Nicola Vavassori (known as Nico).

Let’s get to know more about Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia and eta, and other details regarding her homicide case.

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Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia And Eta

The dedicated Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia page is not available yet but we can find the details regarding her personal life and murder on various other sites too. 

Desirée Piovanelli was just 13 years old at the time of her murder.

The four allegedly attempted to rape the young woman, but after witnessing her brave response, they chose to kill her by stabbing and beating her, leaving her body in a state of disarray.

On September 28th, Desirée’s parents and friends, reported her disappearance. The news swiftly spread throughout Italy and beyond.

Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia
Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia page is not available. (Source: Today)

As usual, various theories were considered and many leads were pursued, leading to the possibility of a confession, trial, and convictions.

Giovanni Erra was given a 30-year prison sentence, which he is currently serving at Bollate Prison in Milan.

Nicola Bertocchi, the youngest prisoner, has already completed his 18-year sentence. He is the one who would have served it first, luring her to the farm to see some baby kittens.

Mattia Franco would have served a further 10 years in prison, and Vavassori would have received 11 and a half years.

Desirée Piovanelli Homicide Case Update 2024

Desirée’s father feels that more information is still missing about his daughter’s death, even though the four guilty parties have already completed their sentences.

A second trace that has never been linked to DNA can be found in the case of Desiree Piovanelli, a 14-year-old who was murdered in Leno (Brescia) in September 2002.

After the victim’s father filed a complaint, the Brescia Prosecutor’s Office launched a new murder investigation without any suspects since they were certain that an instigator was still at large.

Three children and one adult were found guilty of the crime “linked to the world of pedophilia”.

Desirée Piovanelli Wikipedia
The Pack: The Murder Story of Desirée Piovanelli is a documentary written by Marina Loi and Flavia Triggiani. (Source: Brescia Today)

A handkerchief inside the farmhouse where Desiree was killed had the second trace.

According to the documents, there is a first trace—which was never investigated—on the side and elbow of the jacket the 14-year-old was wearing when she was slain.

The crime resulted in the final convictions of three juveniles and one adult.

The Parma RIS reports from that era state that both traces belong “to male subjects other than the suspects”.

Suspects who, in the meanwhile, have been officially charged and found guilty.

The documentary “Il pack. The murder of Desirée Piovanelli,” which was directed by Flavia Triggiani and Emanuele Baledestein and produced by Verve Media Company, features information on this case.

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