Who Are Filippo Grosso And Giacomo Grosso? Fabio Grosso Son: Family Tree

Netizens are curious to know about Fabio Grosso son and family details after the news of his injury is circulated all across the internet.

Fabio Grosso is an Italian professional football manager and former player who is the current head coach of Ligue 1 Club Lyon.

From 1995 to 2012, Fabio Grosso played, being associated with several clubs, including Renato Curi, Chieti, Perugia, Palermo, Inter Milan, Lyon, and Juventus.

After his retirement, Fabio started his managerial career with Juventus Primavera in 2014. Currently, Grosso is the team manager of Lyon since 2023.

On 29 October 2023, Fabio Grosso was severely injured after the anonymous group attacked the club vehicle.

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Fabio Grosso Son: Filippo Grosso Is A Football Player

Fabio Grosso is married to Jessica Repetto and is blessed with two sons, Filippo Grosso and Giacomo Grosso.

Fabio Grosso son, Filippo Grosso, is currently associated with the club Juventus Primavera.

Filippo plays for the Youth League and holds the position of Central Middfield within the team.

Fabio Grosso son, Filippo, was born on 7 September 2006 in Pescara Abruzzo and grew up following his father in several games and matches.

On several internet sources, we can see photos of small Filippo Grosso enjoying his father’s company and practicing playing football with Fabio.

Fabio Grosso son, Filippo Grosso, has followed his pathways and is ready to continue his legacy in the upcoming days.

Filippo joined the Primacera on 1 July 2023 in the senior-level football team.

Before this, Fabio Grosso’s son was in Juventus’s youth team before 1 June 2023. Then, he was transferred to Juventus’s U17. Now, Filippo plays, representing the Juventus U19 team.

Fabio Grosso son
Fabio Grosso son, Filippo Grosso is pursuing his passion in football. In figure, Filippo is the on in white jersey. (Source: Bresciaoggi)

Up to now, Filippo Grosso has been part of several intra-club games, but there are few stats data recorded of Fabio.

However, on 5 November 2023, under Primavera 1 League teams Roma U19 and Juventus U19 are competing against each other.

Fans are desperately waiting for the day when they see Fabio Grosso’s son playing, representing the clubs and eventually Italy in the upcoming days.

Those who have seen Filippo Grosso played often claim that junior Fabio Grosso is in the making and under training to continue his father’s legacy.

Fabio Grosso Wife, Jessica Repetto And Son Giacomo Grosso

Fabio Grosso has been with his wife, Jessica Repetto, since 2004 and is living a prosperous marital life along with his sons, Filippo and Giacomo Grosso.

Although there are several photos and information of Filippo Grosso, there is barely any written about Fabio Grosso son Giacomo Grosso.

Giacomo is believed to be Fabio’s younger son and Filippo’s younger brother. But, his present information is nowhere to be found.

The same goes for the mother, Jessica Repetto. There is barely any information about Fabio Grosso’s wife, the mother of his two sons.

Fabio Grosso son
Fabio Grosso son, Giacomo Grosso is also an enthugiastic of sports. (Source: Twitter)

On the social media account of Fabio Grosso, he is yet to post pictures of his wife and son. Most of the photos are of his professional profiles, but regarding his details, there are not any associate photos.

For the sake of the family’s privacy and their protection, the former player Filippo Grosso is afraid to disclose his family’s information publicly.

Moreover, he was attacked inside the Olympique Lyon bus with stones and rocks, which resulted in a deep cut around the left eye.

Such a horrific accident might often fear Filippo Grosso to talk about his family in public openly.

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