George Taylor Wife: Is The TRU Colors CEO Married?

George Taylor is an accomplished entrepreneur and the Executive Chairman of Next Glass, Untappd, JOMO, and National Speed. But who is George Taylor wife?

With a remarkable three-decade career in founding companies, George’s entrepreneurial journey spans nine ventures, including groundbreaking financial software and game-changing automotive services.

Presently, George holds the position of Chairman at Untappd, the world’s largest beer app boasting over 6 million users and 8 thousand businesses on its platform.

Additionally, he serves as Chairman for JOMO and National Speed, two forward-thinking companies poised to revolutionize their respective industries.

Beyond his business endeavors, George is actively involved in combating gang violence. He recently established Tru Colors Brewing, which provides employment opportunities for active gang leaders and members. 

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George Taylor Wife: Is The TRU Colors CEO Married?

Yes, The TRU Colors CEO is married. However, there is no information available on George Taylor’s wife. She is private and does not love to be in the spotlight. 

Despite her preference for privacy, George Taylor’s wife has played a significant role in his life and career as the CEO of TRU Colors. She has been a steadfast source of support for George.

Their partnership extends beyond their personal lives. She has also navigated the challenges of building a successful business alongside her husband, providing valuable insights and assistance.

George Taylor Wife
Despite not being pictured together, George Taylor’s wife has been his biggest supporter. (Source: Wilmington Star-News)

In addition to her contributions to TRU Colors, she has also given George the gift of fatherhood, raising their son together. Her love, care, and unwavering support have undoubtedly played a crucial role in George’s achievements.

Although the spotlight may not shine on George Taylor’s wife, her presence and dedication behind the scenes have undoubtedly shaped their shared journey.

George Taylor Son: George Taylor III Wife Spencer Bridgers

George Taylor III, the son of George Taylor, is named after his father and follows in his footsteps as a successful businessman.

With a passion for cars, real estate, and beer, Taylor has carved out his own place in the business world.

Taylor obtained his education from North Carolina State University. A glance at his LinkedIn profile reveals his involvement as a board member of National Speed, an automotive enhancement company, since 2012.

In 2021, Taylor assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at TRU Colors, helping the company with his leadership skills and business acumen. He has also worked in his father’s startup, JOMO.

George Taylor Wife
George Taylor III  married his long-time girlfriend, Spencer Bridgers, in February 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Beyond his professional life, George Taylor III is an avid racing enthusiast, frequently engaging in bike races and relishing in the adrenaline rush. He also enjoys spending time with friends, reveling in lively parties and social gatherings.

George Taylor III has diverse interests and a drive to succeed in business. Alongside his successes in real estate, he is steadily building substantial wealth.

While George Taylor III is making strides in his own professional pursuits, he maintains a close and loving relationship with his parents and newly married wife.

George Taylor III’s House Was Used For Murder

In a tragic turn of events, the house of thenbTRU Colors COO, George Taylor III, became the location of a deadly shooting last month. The incident claimed the lives of Koredreese Robert Tyson and Bri-Yanna Emily Williams in August 2021.

Intensive investigations were done to find the culprits. Following the arrests of three individuals connected to the murders, the District Attorney and the Sheriff criticized Taylor’s business model.

The TRU Colors Brewing Company, founded by Taylor in 2017, aims to reduce gun and gang violence by employing active gang members. However, the authorities expressed doubts about the effectiveness of this approach.

George Taylor Wife
George Taylor III’s house was sealed for some time by the police in 2021. (Source: WECT)

In an interview with WECT, CEO George Taylor defended his business and dismissed the Sheriff’s criticism, highlighting that the Sheriff had never visited TRU Colors or spoken to any team members.

However, what Taylor acknowledged was the mistake of allowing gang members to live in their homes and announced that it would no longer happen. So, now the business is running with separate residences for the employees.

Following the incident, neither George Taylor nor his son, George Taylor III, were implicated or charged in relation to it. The tragedy unfolded within their residence, but they had no involvement in the crime.

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