Who Is Goh Jin Hian Daughter? Family Tree

Are you wondering who Goh Jin Hian daughter is? Know everything about the magnate’s family life.

Goh Jin Hian, born in 1968, is a notable figure in the healthcare and energy industries, the 55-year-old dedicated time to National Service after earning his MBBS degree in 1992.

Later, he pursued a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hul. He transitioned from a physician to a senior executive.

He held key roles, including General Manager of Parkway Shenton in 2003 and CEO of Gleneagles Hospital from 2006 to 2007.

In 2011, he founded an oil and gas trading firm, which later integrated into the New Silkroutes Group in 2015, where Goh Jin Hian took the helm as CEO.

However, in 2020, an investigation by the Commercial Affairs Department led to legal proceedings against the New Silkroutes Group for alleged market misconduct.

While the trial is still ongoing, Goh Jin Hian consequently relinquished his positions as Chairman of Cordlife Group Limited and CEO of New Silkroutes Group Limited.

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Goh Jin Hian Daughter: Has She Followed Her Father’s Footsteps?

While much is known about Goh Jin Hian’s professional success and business ventures, he remains tight-lipped about his family life, keeping the public in constant wonder. 

Although information about his daughter remains elusive, there are some clues to piece together.

According to Celeb Critics, Goh Jin Hian is a married man and a father to two daughters.

Goh Jin Hian Daughter
Goh Jin Hian pictured with young doctors at the Doctor’s meet held in Singapore. (Source: LinkedIn)

However, he has never been seen in public with his family. So, it makes it impossible for us to identify who his daughters are exactly and their positions in the professional world.

So, it seems the well-wishers of the business tycoon will have to wait a little longer to find his daughters’ identities.

Despite limited information, it is reasonable to assume that Goh Jin Hian daughters have had enough opportunities, given that they come from a family with a strong reputation and accomplishments.

Goh Jin Hian comes from a highly reputable and respected family, which likely provided his daughters with a solid foundation for their own pursuits.

While details about Goh Jin Hian’s daughters are hidden, they may have followed their own successful paths, inheriting their father’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Grab Details On Goh Jin Hian Family Tree 

Goh Jin Hian, a prominent figure in the business world, hails from a highly esteemed family with deep political roots.

His father, Goh Chok Tong, served as the Prime Minister of Singapore. Likewise, His mother, Tan Choo Leng, is a retired Singaporean lawyer.

Moreover, Goh Jin Hian shared his beautiful childhood with a twin sister, Goh Jin Theng, who currently resides in London with her husband.

In a candid 2005 interview, Goh Jin Hian revealed that his parents, Goh Chok Tong and Tan Choo Leng, were notably “hands off” in their approach to his upbringing, allowing him space to carve his own path.

Goh Jin Hian Daughter
An old picture of Goh Jin Hian with his parents. (Source: NASGOV)

Professionally, Goh Jin Hian has excelled in business, rising to the position of chairman in a number of firms despite not following his father’s political path.

The businessman’s knowledge and leadership have propelled him to success, positioning him as a strong commercial force.

As mentioned earlier, beyond his professional achievements, Goh Jin Hian is a devoted family man. He shares his life with a loving wife and two daughters and finds immense joy in their company.

This dedication to his family underscores the well-rounded nature of his character, blending career accomplishments with a fulfilling personal life.

In addition, he serves as an inspiration in the medical and energy industries. Goh Jin Hian daughters are unquestionably lucky to have a father like him.

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