Guy Binns Wikipedia And Età (Age): How Old Is The Model?

Right at the moment Berlusconi family is mourning the loss of the pillar of the family, Silvio Berlusconi- former Italian prime minister. Talks have been started for the heirs of the Berlusconi empire and draw attention to Silvio’s daughter Eleonora and her ex-partner. This article comprises Guy Binns wikipedia, family, career, and other details.

Guy Binns is a model for clothing brands and fashion ramps. He mainly walks for the  Milan Fashion Week.

Binns started his career as a model in the mid-2000s; he become popular among British fashion critics because of his facial features and well-modeled body structure.

Fashion houses and corporations also lined up to sign contracts with Binns. Along with earning fame as a fashion model, Guy has come into the limelight because of his name linked with the late prime minister’s daughter Elenora Berlusconi.

Guy Binns Wikipedia And Bio

Guy Binns was born in Essex, located in the east of England. The British model resides in London, England with his parents.

He has deleted most of his social media handles and has gone private on his Instagram account. So, we cannot gather Bill’s personal information completely in detail.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Bills went to Westminster University for his Bachelor of Arts and Humanities undergraduate degree.

Guy Binns Wikipedia 
Guy Binns is a British model who has walked for various fashion weeks in Europe. (Source: Gossipfanpage)

After his graduation, Guy started to be involved in the programs and projects of the fine Arts, modeling, and acting. 

With years of experience in modeling, he was contacted by the management team of Italian Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani. He got a chance to walk in the show in Milan, Italy in 2011.

There are no further details about the British fashion model Guy Binns. We cannot trace what he is doing now as he completely stops to appear in the media after 2022.

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Guy Binns Eta (Age): How Old Is The Model?

British Model Binn’s exact date of birth is nowhere to be found. However, he is one- two years younger than his former partner Elenora.

We only came to know that Guy resides in London, England, and is living with his parents focusing on fashion projects. However, further details of him cannot be traced.

Guy Binns was in a relationship with the youngest daughter of the Late Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. Binns and Elenora met in 2011 at the Armani show in Milan. Soon, they get committed to a romantic relationship. 

Their relationship gets the attention of the media at that time. The top magazine in England The Sun and Daily Mail wrote articles, news, and gossip regarding the couple’s life and personal affairs. Despite the rumors and controversies they never felt disturbed and freely showed love and support to each other.

Guy Binns Wikipedia 
Guy Binns and his former partner Elenora Berlusconi. (Source: Nanopressit)

The couple is blessed with three children, Riccardo, Flora, and Artemisia born in 2013, 2016, and 2019 respectively. 

Guy and Elenora never got married but had children as the persona representation of their love. However, the couple get separated in 2022 due to an alleged betrayal by Binns.

Reportedly, Guy was clicked in the nearby park by their residence with a young and beautiful brunette woman and they were romantically and passionately communicating in the open space just a few minutes away from Guy’s home. After that, Binns and Eleonora called off their relationship.

After the separation the couple is busy living their life, Guy Binns is busy continuing his life. Meanwhile, Eleonora is also busy with business and children.

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