Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant? Weight Gain And Baby Bump

Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant? Is the television personality expecting a baby child?

Camilla Poindexter is an American reality television personality and model popularly known for her appearance on season eight of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

Similarly, Camillia was the runner-up in Oxygen’s fourth season of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.

Furthermore, Camilla Poindexter also appeared as a contestant on American’s Next Top Model on Cycle 10, where she was selected up to the top 20.

Poindexter also joined the show Momma’s Boys as a contestant but was eliminated on the series finale. Now, reality show star Camilla Poindexter is back as a Main cast of Baddies season four, released on 17 September 2023.

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Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant? Baby Boy Or Baby Girl?

As the rumors need to be clear, Camilla Poindexter is not pregnant at the moment. There is not no official statement and no authentic evidence of Camilla’s pregnancy.

However, for several reasons, fans question: Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant? 

If we were to jot down the clues Camilla’s fans notice about her pregnancy. It might be that because of her weight gain, Camilla’s belly looked like a baby bump.

Observing her recent Instagram post, it is clear to notice her gradual weight gain, and her body postures also seem to have changed than before.

Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant
Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant: Right now, she is not pregnant. (Source: Instagram)

It is known that after she gave birth to her third child around May 2023, it was a baby boy. In her post on 7 July 2023, she uploaded pictures of the Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, where she had a baby bump. 

The event happened from 15 February to 22 February. Similarly, when Baddies season four was filmed, she had her baby in her belly and did the whole show.

Camilla Poindexter once said on her live videos that she faced lots of health trouble during filming Baddies and after the shooting was done.

Camilla Poindexter gave birth to the baby boy in May, and it’s been about six months since the baby was born. Thus, as of now, Camilla Poindexter is not pregnant but has gained weight after her baby boy was born.

Camilla Poindexter: Mother Of Three Children

Camilla Poindexter is a model and has a perfect body posture. Along with that, she is a professionally independent woman and mother of three children.

The Baddies star already has three kids, two daughters and one son. Her elder daughter, Dylan, was born on 18 March 2016, and the middle child daughter was born on 8 September 2021. The youngest one is about six months old and is a baby boy.

Camilla Poindexter is a family woman married to digital creator Anthony Hayward. She is a fantastic mother figure to her children and a gorgeous yet responsible wife to her husband.

Is Camilla From Baddies Pregnant
Camilla Poindexter is mother to three children: two daughters and one son. (Source: Instagram)

More than anything, Camilla is a hardworking woman pursuing her career in television and as a model, which has been a passion and dream for her since her teenage days.

Camilla Poindexter once mentioned on her Instagram post that she loves to be called Mommy.

The words that Camilla’s loving children dedicated to her always encouraged her to do more work and to provide perfect parenting to them.

Now about, is Camilla From Baddies pregnant? There is not any evidence about that. Up to now, Camilla has been open about her children and family information on social media.

Thus, if she were to have another child, her fourth child, then Camilla Poindexter and her husband, obviously Anthony Hayward, would post the news regarding it.

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