Vladimir Guerrero Jr Son Pedro Guerrero And Daughters Vlaimel And Vlyshil Guerrero

Meet Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Son. Discover the family details of the well-known baseball player popular for his hits in the matches. 

Canadian-Domanian professional baseball player Vladimir Guerrero Ramos Jr. is a first baseman and designated hitter for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Vladimir is popular for his brilliant timing on hits and his numerous home runs, which loosens the opponent’s game spirit. In 2018, the player was recognized as Minor League Player of the Year by “Baseball America” and “USA Today”. 

Similarly, Guerrero was voted to the AL All-Star roster in 2021 and the tournament MVP. Yet again, Vladimir has proved that he is a brilliant player as he launched 72 dingers in winning his first Home Run title on 10 July 2023 in Seattle.

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr Son Pedro Guerrero And Daughters Vlaimel And Vlyshil Guerrero

Twenty-four years old Vladimir is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Nathalie. They have been together for a long time but have not married yet.

Vladimir and Nathalie are blessed with two daughters, Vlaimel, born on 1 August 2017, and Vlyshil Guerrero.

Father Vladimir frequently posts pictures of his daughters and girlfriend on his Instagram. Similarly, Nathalie and his daughters cheer their father for every match and tournament.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Son
Vladimir Guerrero Jr spends holidays and leisure time with his family and lovely daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Guerrero’s elder daughter Vlaimel is six years old and an internet influencer and fashion star. Vlaimel frequently shares pictures of her OOTD- outfit of the day and her daily routines. 

Vladimir’s daughter knows how to be stylish and captivate fans with her cute smile and adorable looks.

Vlaimel’s Instagram username is @vlaimel01, and she has about 4k followers. On her media handle, little Guerrero posts pictures of spending time with her mother and attending her father’s baseball games.

Likewise, Vlaimel’s younger sister Vlyshil is as adorable as her sister. However, she barely appears on the post of her parents and sister. It might be that the little girl does not want to be clicked and come out in public like her elder sister.

Father Vladimir has shared a picture of his younger daughter Vlyshil during Christmas and New Year.

Reportedly, there are rumors that the baseball player also has a son named Pedro Guerrero, but it is yet to be confirmed by Vladimir.

We have seen him playing with his daughter, and there is not even a single sight of his rumored son. It might be that he does have a son but has not disclosed it yet, or he truly does not have a son.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Family Details

Vladimir was born on 16 March 1999 to father Vladimir Guerrero Sr. and mother Riquelma Ramos. 

Vladimir was born into a family of athletes, his father Vladimir Sr. is an MLB baseball Hall of frame member, and his maternal uncle Wilton Guerrero is also a former MLB player.

Vladimir Guerrero’s eldest daughter Vlaimel loves attending her father’s baseball matches and seems to enjoy it. We could speculate that she is from a family carrying the MLB baseball legacy and history.

So, maybe Vlaimel would be the youngest to continue the Guerrero family legacy. 

The family is full of players and influential persons. Vlaimel and Vlyshil’s uncles Gabriel and Vladi Guerrero, are professional baseball players.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr Son
Vlaimel and Vlyshil Guerrero sitting adorably on the lap of grandfather Vladimir Guerrero Sr. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, their youngest uncle Pablo Guerrero is associated with Texas Ranger after being selected as an international free agent in January 2023.

However, they could also follow in the footstep of their Aunt Vleidy Guerrero, a model and influencer popular for her awesome looks and fashionable and stunning photos.

Guerrero’s family is full of talented and influential people. Thus, Vladimir’s children could enjoy the company and guidelines of their elders to step forward in their life.

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