Jacinta Price Children Leiland, Ethan, Declan And Kinkade Lillie

Being one of the prominent and reputed figures in Australian politics, a number of people wanting to know more about Jacinta Price children have sparked the internet. 

Jacinta Yangapi Nampijinpa Price, commonly known as Jacinta Price, is a highly acknowledged Australian politician from the Northern Territory. 

Janicta has worked as a senator for the Northern Territory since the 2022 Federal election and is a member of the Country Liberal Party. 

Currently, she is serving as Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs and sits with the National Party in the federal parliament. 

Apart from her political career, Jacinta is also a singer/songwriter and has worked in various children’s television. 

Jacinta’s hard work and dedication in both her political career and singing career have indeed established her as a prominent figure in these two distinct fields. 

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Jacinta Price Children: Meet Sons Leiland, Ethan, Declan And Kinkade Lillie

Being a popular personality in Australian politics and a popular songwriter and singer, people have been curious about her professional life and her personal life, including her children.

Though not much is known regarding Jacinta’s children, reports claim that Jacinta has four sons.

Three of which are her children from her first marriage. One is her stepson, the son of her present husband Colin Lillie. 

While the politician herself is not much seen talking about her sons, she does mention them in her important speeches like her maiden speech which she gave in July 2022. 

In her speech, she thanked her sons, Leiland Castle, Ethan Castle, Declan Castle, and Kinkade Lillie

Jacinta Price Children
Regarding Jacinta Price children, there is not much clarity regarding them. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Jacinta is also seen sharing glimpses of her children on her social media platform.

While there is no sufficient information about her son’s educational, and professional background, looking at her Instagram post, it has been revealed that her son Ethan Castle is 23 years old and her other son Declan Castle is 20 years old.

However, Jacinta’s other two son’s age has not been revealed yet. Though Kinkade is her stepson, Jacinta has never differentiated in his upbringing. She has always supported him just like her other children. 

And Jacinta Price’s children too acknowledging this fact have always helped and treated him like his own brother. 

Jacinta Price Family Ethnicity And Origin

Moving on to Jacinta Price’s family origin and ethnicity, Jacinta was born in Darwin, Northern Territory, and grew up in Alice Springs. 

She was born into a family of mixed descent. Her father, David Price, is of Anglo-Celtic descent. While her mother, Bess Price is of Walpairi descent, belonging to Yapa, a group of Aboriginal Australians. 

Coming from two different backgrounds, Jacinta has always shown her respect towards her upbringing and heritage. She is found mentioning her descent in many interviews. 

She even talked about how her mother was born under a tree and lived within an original Warlpiri structured environment.

Jacinta Price Family Origin
Jacinta Price is born into a family of well-known figures in Australia. (Source: Skynews)

Thus it can be believed that the family roots of Jacinta are spread over England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Queensland. 

Acknowledging her origin and understanding the privileges she has received since birth as the daughter of popular figures in Australia, Jacinta has always been upright about issues faced by Aboriginal communities.

Moreover, she is a vocal advocate for conservative Aboriginal politics in Australia. 

Jacinta Price’s humble and grounded nature towards her family, career, and people, and multi-talented personality have made her an influential figure and motivated many aspiring fellow politicians. 

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