Jason Pass Arrested For Shooting Case: Is He In Jail?

Is Jason Pass arrested? Stay informed about the latest updates on his arrest status as the suspect in a double murder.

Jason Pass, 47, is now at the center of a disturbing crime, sought by authorities for the alleged double murder of a father and son in their Brooklyn apartment.

The incident, stemming from an apparent dispute over noise, unfolded Sunday night, leaving a community in shock.

Pass’s identity was revealed through surveillance footage capturing the entire shooting, providing crucial evidence for law enforcement.

As authorities intensify efforts to locate him, the chilling details of this tragic event underscore the impact of disputes escalating into unimaginable violence within the confines of a residential space.

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Jason Pass Arrested For Shooting

In the heart-wrenching aftermath of a deadly dispute over noise, Jason Pass, 47, has emerged as the prime suspect in the double murder of Bladimy Mathurin and his son Chinwai Mode in their Brooklyn apartment.

The tragic incident unfolded on a Sunday night in East Flatbush, transforming a residential building into a crime scene.

Authorities were summoned just after 10:30 p.m., discovering the lifeless victims on the fourth floor.

Pass, the downstairs neighbor, allegedly grew fed up with the noise emanating from the victim’s apartment, culminating in a fatal confrontation.

Investigations revealed a chilling sequence of events. Pass, frustrated by the perceived disturbance, took matters into his own hands, going upstairs to engage in a heated argument with Mathurin and Mode.

Jason Pass Arrested1
Police are actively looking for Jason Pass, aged 47, about the double homicide. (Image Source: ABC7 New York)

The altercation turned fatal as Pass allegedly pulled a gun and fatally shot the father and son.

The victims, 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son Chinwai Mode, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Family members shared a distressing history of tension between the neighbors, citing at least six 311 calls from Pass’s apartment since March of the previous year, registering complaints about noise from the victims’ residence.

Marie Delilles, Mathurin’s wife, recounted Pass banging on his ceiling before the confrontation escalated.

Delilles questioned the senselessness of the violence, emphasizing that her son was not violent, and her husband was unarmed.

Pass, having fled the building after the fatal shooting, remains at large as of Tuesday, last seen heading eastbound on foot.

As the search for Jason Pass continues, the community plans to unite in a prayer circle around the complex, seeking solace and solidarity in the face of this devastating incident.

Is Jason Pass In Jail?

As of now, Jason Pass is not in jail, and law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in the search for him in connection with the murder of 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old stepson, Chinwai Mode.

Following the tragic incident, Pass reportedly fled the crime scene by using the building’s elevator and was last observed heading eastbound on foot.

Pass’s criminal history includes one prior arrest for robbery in 1992, adding a layer of concern to the ongoing investigation.

The police’s intensified efforts to locate Pass highlights the urgency of bringing him to justice for the heinous crime.

Is jason pass in jail
Jason Pass hasn’t been arrested yet, and police are actively looking for him. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Community leaders have united in denouncing the violence outside the apartment complex, emphasizing the need for anti-violence and mental health services in the community.

In response to this tragedy, there is a collective effort to address the broader issues surrounding such incidents, considering not only the immediate pursuit of justice but also the underlying factors that contribute to violence within communities.

As part of their response, community leaders are organizing a prayer vigil scheduled for Wednesday night.

This collective gathering aims to provide solace, support, and a sense of unity for the community as they grapple with the shock and grief resulting from the tragic events.

The search for Jason Pass remains a priority for law enforcement, and the community’s resilience is reflected in their commitment to coming together, not only in pursuit of justice but also in fostering a safer and more supportive environment for all.

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