Who Is Jeanne Lavelle, Chris Russo Wife? 4 Children

Jeanne Lavelle, Chris Russo wife, is a cherished mother of four children, known for her dedicated support and role in the lives of her family.

Chris Russo, popularly referred to as “Mad Dog,” is a prominent American sports radio personality renowned for his significant contributions to the field.

He gained prominence as the former co-host of the legendary Mike and the Mad Dog sports radio show alongside Mike Francesa, which aired on WFAN in New York City.

Initially joining WFAN in December 1988, he started as an overnight, weekend, and fill-in host, gradually earning recognition and was honored with induction into the Radio Hall of Fame on November 1, 2022.

More recently, Russo sparked attention by publicly pledging to retire instantly should the Arizona Diamondbacks triumph in both Game 6 and Game 7 of the National League Championship Series.

Furthermore, due to his statement on the Diamondbacks’ game, Mad Dog has been trending online and now people are also curious about Chris Russo wife.

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Chris Russo Wife, Jeanne Lavelle: Married Life

For over twenty-eight years, Chris Russo, the renowned American sports radio personality, has cherished his marital bond with Jeanne Lavelle, celebrating their union since May 6, 1995.

Likewise, hailing from Rye, New York, Jeanne Marie Lavelle is the daughter of James and Maureen Lavelle, and the family has found a home in the welcoming community of New Canaan, Connecticut.

Together, they have nurtured a beautiful family, raising four children named Timmy, Kiera, Colin, and Patrick, solidifying their commitment to a loving and supportive household.

Although Chris Russo wife keeps her personal and professional life private, her steadfast commitment to her family solidifies her as the emotional center of their home.

Chris Russo Wife
Chris Russo wife, Jeanne Marie Lavelle is originally form Rye, New York. (Source: USA Today)

Similarly, Chris Russo wife unwavering encouragement have played a pivotal role in propelling his successful career, highlighting her indispensable place as a bedrock within their family.

Furthermore, her enduring significance remains an integral part of their shared journey, underscoring the depth of their familial bond and mutual devotion.

Moreover, as a private individual, Chris Russo wife has chosen to prioritize her family life, embodying the values of love, commitment, and devotion that define their marriage

Subsequently, in their shared journey, Jeanne Lavelle’s steadfast presence resonates as a cornerstone, fostering a nurturing environment that embodies the essence of familial warmth and unity.

Chris Russo Wife Is The Mother Of Their 4 Children

Chris Russo, and his wife Jeanne Lavelle are proud parents to four children, namely Timmy, Kiera, Colin, and Patrick, with Timmy as the eldest and Patrick as the youngest.

Likewise, their family’s home is nestled in the serene community of New Canaan, Connecticut, fostering a nurturing environment for their close-knit bond.

While Timmy has pursued a path in sports management, currently serving as a second-year graduate assistant on Danny Hurley’s UConn staff.

On the other hand, Colin has already begun making his mark in the broadcasting world, making his radio debut on December 30, 2020.

Chris Russo Wife
Chris Russo and his wife with their son Tim Russo. (Source: NY Post)

Moreover, co-hosting alongside Sonny Carton on WFAN, following in the footsteps of his renowned father.

However, information regarding the pursuits of Kiera and Patrick remains undisclosed.

Despite this, the siblings share a profound closeness, forming a tightly-knit family unit that thrives on mutual support and affection.

Concurrently, the profound familial bonds within the Russo-Lavelle household, rooted in shared values and experiences, exemplify a deep-seated love and unity.

Further, this nurturing environment fosters individual growth and prosperity, emphasizing the significance of mutual support and fostering a sense of belonging and security within the family.

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