Joe Kayo Death News: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Fans are in shock after Joe Kayo death news is all across the internet. Is the church founder dead or alive?

Joe Kayo was a loved person all across Kenya and was called God’s General. He is regarded as an incredible man who brought revival to Kenya.

Despite all the difficulties he went through, Joe always walked in the faith of god and delivered positive messages to the people around him.

Similarly, Joe founded Deliverance Church in Kenya and Uganda and Juba Pentecostal Church. He also helped found the Family of God Churches of Zimbabwe.

Joe Kayo delivered god’s faith and ideologies to several people across Africa and the world.

He also imparted the values of humanities through his books, which include The Marvel of God’s Grace, The Lion Has Prevailed, The Eagle Saint, Knowing the Name of the Lord, and God’s Pattern for Daily Living.

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Joe Kayo Death News: True Or Rumours

Papa Joe Kayo is officially no more among us. He has gone home to meet god and rest in eternity.

On Thursday, 2 November 2023, Joe Kayo passed away in Nairobi Hospital after he had minor health complications. Thus, Joe Kayo death is not a rumor but true news.

Right now, the whole of Kenya is mourning the death of their leader and the co-ordinator Joe Kayo. Many people have paid tribute to him and remembered him as a remarkable person.

On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, tons of condolences and heartfelt messages are written to remember the god’s general, Joe Kayo.

Joe Kayo Death
Joe Kayo Death: The religious leader died of illness on 2, November 2023 at the age of 89. (Source: Facbook)

Hope TV Kenya writes Joe as a leader of the Kenyan revival and remembers his life journey. Similarly, numerous Facebook users remember their meeting with the leader Joe Kayo.

Furthermore, the religious organization Sozo Church of God remembers Joe as one of the god miracles that helped bring wonders and goodwill deliverance in people’s lives.

Several pastors across Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe paid tribute to the leader Joe and wished him a deep sleep in the god’s home.

Joe Kayo Death: Remembering His Life Journey

For Joe Kayo, life and its circumstances were never easy and smooth. Since his birth, Joe faced several hindrances and obstacles.

Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo was born in 1937 on 5 May to peasant parents in Nyamira District in rural Kenya. He lost his mother at the age of 12 years.

Problems did not halt here for Joe; due to poverty, he had to drop out of school at primary six.

However, Joe Kayo was ready to endure tough challenges. But when he saw no hope for the future, he attempted to take his own life three times but failed all the time. He also sank into the serious crime.

In February 1957, Joe Kayo got ill severely and was hospitalized in Mombasa, but the doctor had no hope for his life.

Joe Kayo Death
Joe Kayo taught people to live in faith and walk in the god’s path. (Source: Facebook)

Some of the nurses took him to a T.L. Osborne crusade and left him there for dead. But then a tiny ray of hope to live, and then Joe acquired Christianity and followed Jesus.

Then, following the holy spirit and the ideologies of god, Joe Kayo’s work for humankind started in the Coast region.

Years after years, Joe’s legacy started to reach the height of humanism and faith in self. He founded a church and charity houses to help the people who have lost hope in self and life.

Moreover, Joe Kayo worked for humans to help them throughout his life. He will always be remembered for his greatest works by his admirers and by those who got a chance to follow his advice.

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