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Joe Rogan is the guy you have definitely seen on your TV set. From hosting famous TV shows, hosting the popular podcast, MMA commentator, actor, or even as a comedian, Rogan has done it all.

Above all, no matter what Joe seems to do, he excels at it and also keeps the viewers engaged and entertained. Similarly, Rogan is someone who has vast knowledge on all the different topics. And even though he’s certainly a funny guy, you certainly would regret messing with him.

Joe Rogan

Joe with his beloved Marshall

Today, see all there is about this fascinating individual. We have provided you guys will all of Rogan’s details, including Joe Rogan Height, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife, etc.

Joe Rogan Bio:


Full Name
 Joseph James Rogan
Age  53 Years
Birth Date  August 11, 1967
Marital/Relationship Status  Married
Years Active  1988 – Present
 Newark, New Jersey, U.S.
Ethnicity  White (Italian & Irish)
Profession  Comedian / Podcast Host / MMA Commentator / TV Host / Actor
Nationality  American
Net Worth  Estimated to be around $100 Million Dollars
Height 1.71 m
Children  3
Horoscope  Leo

Getting to Know Joe

Joseph James Rogan is a New Jerseyan born in the city of Newark in New Jersey. Rogan also has three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish descent.

His father was also named Joshep and was a police officer. Joe grew up in a broken home, marred by domestic violence. Similarly, his parents split when he was hist five and hasn’t seen his father since he was seven.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan is an MMA Enthusiast & a Practitioner as well!

Rogan’s family also frequently moved and relocated to different places when he was little. He lived in San Francisco in California and Gainesville in Florida during different periods.

After that, Joe’s family finally settled down just outside of Boston in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. He went to the Newton South High School for studies and even graduated in 1985.

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Joe developed an interest in martial since his teens. He took up Taekwondo and karate, was a Taekwondo instructor and even a state champion.

Rogan even tried out his luck in kickboxing but retired soon after being fearful for his health. After that, he even joined the University of Massachusetts Boston but thought it was pointless and dropped out. It was after that Joe decided to move to New York.

Joe Rogan Age & Height

This unique individual was born on the 11th of August in 1967. Today Joe is a successful man of 53 years. Nonetheless, we still are going to see healthy and determined Joe in many endeavors that he’s involved in for many years to come.

Joe Rogan

Rogan has a habit of promoting projects in a hilarious manner

Despite being over 50, Joe is as physically fit and healthy as they come. Rogan is a hunk who takes good care of his body and even shares his workouts, walks, and trainings on social media. Similarly, Joe also has a decent height of 1.71 meters.


Joseph himself has said many times that he just couldn’t imagine himself working in a 9-5 job. Therefore, we should be surprised when we actually have a closer look at his fascinating and nomadic career that isn’t like anyone else’s.

Initially, Joe had no interest in being a comedian and was pursuing a career in kickboxing. However, Rogan used to make his pals and guys at the gym laugh with his jokes and they encouraged him to have a crack at comedy.

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He performed his first-ever comedy gig in the Boston area and was engaged in multiple jobs to secure himself financially. After that, Rogan even relocated to LA in 1994.

However, after many ups and downs, Joe today is as successful as one can be. As a comedian, he performs in sold-out arenas and is also involved in many other projects.

Joe Rogan Movies and TV Shows

Rogan’s big break in the TV came after landing the role as the host for hit NBC game show Fear Factor. Joe himself has told that he was finally financially secure after this and it even presented him with further opportunities.

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Rogan is most popular as a UFC commentator and for hosting Fear Factor. In addition, Joe has also appeared in several other hit shows like Chappelle’s Show, Last Comic Standing, The Man Show, and Silicon Valley.

Joe Rogan Podcast

If you didn’t know Joe as a comedian, presenter, or a commentator, you might have heard of him through his famous podcast show. After all, his PowerfulJRE podcast is arguably the most popular podcast show on earth.

He started the podcast since 2009 and today its unlike anything you have ever seen. The biggest and most influential figures come to his podcast to share their views and thoughts. In addition, Joe has even set up his own website.

Joe Rogan Wife, Kids, & Personal Life

Rogan has been married to Jessica Ditzel since 2009. Joe and Jessica even have two daughters together. In addition, Joseph is also a stepfather to Jessica’s daughter from her previous relationship.

He used to live in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and kids. Later, they moved to Bell Canyon, California. Now, Joe has again relocated to Austin, Texas.

Joe is also a relative of the musicians from the band  My Chemical Romance Gerard Way and Mikey Way. This bad-ass dude with black belts in Taekwondo and jiu-jitsu also has a skin condition called vitiligo.


His fans have even started a trend of getting weird tattoos of his face!

In addition, Rogan has libertarian views and is not associated to any political parties. Similarly, Joe supports use of Marijuana, LSD, DMT, and psilocybin mushrooms. Rogan also indulges in meditation, sensory deprivation, and also uses isolation tanks to improve his performance and mental well-being.

Joe Rogan Net Worth

Having been involved and finding success in so many things, Rogan is believed to have a net worth of a whopping $100 Million.

Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 10.7M Followers

Facebook: 4.8M Followers

Twitter: 6.5M Followers

YouTube: 9.5M Subscribers

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