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Fluffy‘, ‘King of the Mexicans‘, etc. there are quite a few names that you might know him as. Above all, Gabriel Iglesias is just a great comedian and an overall great guy. Continue reading to get more details about this big and hilarious comedian. Including Gabriel Iglesias Son, Wife, Weight, Height, Age, Net Worth, Career, and more.

In addition, Iglesias might just be the biggest and funniest man on the planet earth today. Similarly, his ability to entertain the masses on every topic, not just X-rated ones makes him one-of-a-kind comic.

Gabriel Iglesias Son

Gabriel entertaining the crowd

Whenever Fluffy performs, there is a certain element to his work that connects with the audience on a personal level. Similarly, Gabriel tends to include his own experiences in his acts.

In addition, Iglesias is a very down-to-earth guy who is just as friendly and generous off the stage. Therefore, making him a beloved comedian not only in the Latin community but throughout the world.

Gabriel Iglesias Bio:


Full Name  Gabriel Jesús Iglesias
Queen Latifah Age  44 Years
Birth Date  July 15, 1976
Marital/Relationship Status  In a relationship with Claudia Valdez
Gabriel Iglesias Son  Frankie
Birthplace  San Diego, California, U.S.
Ethnicity  Latin(Mexican)
Profession  Comedian, Actor
Nationality  American
Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth  Estimated to be at around $40 Million dollars
Gabriel Iglesias Height 1.78 meters
Gabriel Iglesias Weight 445 pounds (At his heaviest)
Years Active  From 1997 – Present
Horoscope  Cancer

Early Life

Gabriel Jesús Iglesias was born in the famous city of San Diego in California. Similarly, he grew up in several Californian suburbs like  Riverside, Santa Ana, Corona, Baldwin Park, and Compton.

Gabriel Iglesias Family

Iglesias paid tribute to his late Mom with this lovely pic 

However, Iglesias spent and grew up mostly in the Section 8 housing of Long Beach. Gabriel was born to mother Esther P. Mendez and father Jesús Iglesias. In addition, Gabriel is the youngest among his six siblings.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight, Height & Age

Iglesias was born on the 15th of July in 1976. Gabriel’s age is 44 years. Therefore, if he maintains his health, he will make the whole world laugh for a long time to come.

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Similarly, Gabriel Iglesias weight was 445 pounds at one point. However, he has taken care of his body and is in much better shape now. Also, Iglesias likes to describe himself as fluffy rather than fat. Also, Fluffy stands around 1.78 meters tall.


Gabriel has overcome quite some struggle for all his luxuries today. Iglesias decided to become a full-time comedian in 1997. However, this resulted in him being evicted and even lost his car.

Gabriel Iglesias Son

Gabriel Iglesias Son -> Frankie

Above all, this brave and funny comic never gave up. Gabriel worked really hard and gradually everyone started to recognize his talents. Similarly, as of today, Iglesias sells tickets to full-house specials all over the world and enjoys entertaining others while also getting back the love from the audience.

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Also, he does not hold back while talking about his own size. Iglesias’s saying “Oh, I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” is really famous. Similarly, he says there are six levels of fat. They are “Big”, “Healthy”, “Husky”, “Fluffy”, and “DAMN!!!”, and “Oh Hell No!!”

Gabriel Iglesias Movies And TV Shows

Iglesias is also a very good actor who has featured in many movies and TV shows. Planes, The Fluffy Movie, Magic Mike XXL, Coco, and Ferdinand are some of the popular movies Fluffy’s played a part in.

Similarly, Gabriel has also made several cameos in many hit TV shows. Family Guy, Modern Family, and Key and Peele are amongst the most popular shows that Iglesias has featured in.


Fluffy loves a Fun-time!

Having put in so much work, Fluffy surely has earned a fortune and Gabriel Iglesias son and family are living a good life because of his success. Read more to find out about Fluffy’s net worth and personal life.

Gabriel Iglesias Net Worth

Today, Gabriel Iglesias is without a doubt one of the most loved, lively, and cheerful comics out there. Therefore, Iglesias has also been able to rack up a giant fortune of around $40 Million dollars to this day. Similarly, Fluffy is only going to make more as he continues killing it in on stages and on screens.

Personal Life

The chubby and paunchy entertainer has dealt with severe obesity. At one point, Iglesias weighed 445 pounds, had alarming blood sugar, and also had  Type II Diabetes. Fluffy’s doctor even warned him that he’d live for like two years if things stayed the same healthwise.

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After that, Gabriel started to take care of himself and has even lost more than over 100 pounds. Similarly, this cheerful comedian has also fought depression and alcohol abuse. However, Gabriel has blamed it on his heavy tour schedules.

Gabriel Iglesias Son, Wife, & Family

Fluffy is not married yet. However, he lives with his long-time girlfriend Claudia Valdez. In addition, Iglesias does not share any information about Claudia to protect her private life.

Similarly, Gabriel Iglesias son is Frankie. In addition, he isn’t Fluffy’s blood child and was actually born from Valdez’s previous relationship. Above all, they are really close, and often Fluffy tends to make jokes about Frankie in his shows and specials.

Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 2.5M Followers

Facebook: 10M Followers

YouTube: 4.08M Followers

Twitter: 1M Followers

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