Jonathan Reed Wikipedia And Age: The Flight Attendant Murders Details

Jonathan Reed Wikipedia, his exact age is not known. However, he was described as a man aged between 25-28 at the time of the murder that he committed.

In 1978, a tragic incident unfolded in Dallas. Wanda Jean Wadle, a 26-year-old flight attendant, was murdered by an intruder in her shared apartment.

Kimberly Pursley, Wadle’s roommate, unexpectedly walked into a horrifying scene.

Upon entering, Pursley heard a rough voice from Wadle’s bedroom, warning her not to enter.

Overlooking the caution, Pursley encountered the intruder claiming to be from “maintenance” as he left the room. It was then that she saw Wadle’s lifeless body.

The intruder, having committed his heinous act, confronted Pursley, tying her up and gagging her.

Quick-thinking, Pursley pretended to be unconscious, deceiving the intruder. He stole $20 before hurriedly leaving.

With courage, Pursley freed herself and sought help from nurse neighbors. That difficult night left an indelible mark, altering the course of their lives forever.

The convicted murderer was Jonathan Reed.

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Jonathan Reed Wikipedia And Age: The Flight Attendant Murders Details Revealed

After the horrific incident in Dallas, it gained widespread recognition, which led to people seeking information like Jonathan Reed’s wikipedia.

Kimberly Pursley, an eyewitness to the terrifying incident, provided a detailed description of the attacker.

According to her report, the attacker was a white male, approximately 25-28 years old, with medium-length curly thinning blonde hair.

Jonathan Reed WIKI
Jonathan Reed was between 25-28 years old at the time of the committed crime. (Source: Hindustan   Times)

He stood a little taller than six feet and weighed around 180 pounds.

Based on these descriptions, a skilled artist created a sketch.

During the investigation, a police officer noted that Jonathan Bruce Reed, who had been arrested for an unrelated sexual assault, held a resemblance to the sketch.

Following this observation, Pursley, along with Green and another neighbor named Phil Hardin, who had seen a man with a clipboard in the area around the time of the murder, all positively identified Reed.

Subsequently, Reed was taken into custody and charged with the murder.

This arrest marked a significant development in the case involving the tragic death of Wanda Jean Wadle.

Wanda Jean Wadle was a 26-year-old flight attendant residing in a shared apartment with her roommate.

Apart from this, not much is known about Jonathan Reed.

Jean Wadle Murder Explained

In 1978, Wanda Jean Wadle, a 26-year-old Dallas flight attendant, was tragically murdered in her shared apartment.

Kimberly Pursley, her roommate, encountered the intruder while returning home.

Ignoring a warning from the man in the bedroom, Pursley thought nothing of it and entered.

However, as he left, claiming to be from “maintenance,” Pursley discovered Wadle’s body.

The intruder attacked Pursley, stole $20, and fled.

Pursley, escaping her restraints, sought help from neighbors, and they found Wadle alive but in critical condition.

Despite no physical evidence linking Reed to the crime, he was convicted based on eyewitness testimony.

Jonathan Reed Murder (1)
There was no physical evidence linking Reed to the crime. (Source: Istock

Reed’s proof and evidence of being elsewhere were dismissed.

After two convictions, questions arose about a prison cellmate’s testimony.

DNA testing, decades later, proved Reed was not the source of semen found on Wadle.

In 2011, at a retrial, prosecutors presented additional testimony to strengthen their case.

Despite the new evidence, Reed was not sentenced to death this time.

Following another conviction, Reed found himself sentenced to life in prison and his post-conviction petition was denied by the court.

Reed is still in custody; for now, let us wait and watch what he pays for his crime.

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