Does Just Sam Have A Brother? Meet Their Half-Sister Anabelle

Just Sam is good at using her vocals and has great singing ability. Sam’s astonishing voice and song resonate in the Subway of New York. Let’s learn more about them and Just Sam brother and sister.

Samantha Diaz, better known by the stage name “Just Sam,” is a singer-songwriter who rose to fame after winning the eighteenth season of the singing reality show American Idol in 2020.

After the survival of Hollywood Week, Sam got lots of love from fans worldwide. Then, Samantha made it into the top five and finally won the finale defeating vital component  Arthur Gunn.

However, after about three years, Sam returned to the subway busking for money, then claimed that the record label they signed to also cannot afford all the financial requirements to release a song.

Back in 2020, Samantha participated in a pride parade and came out of the closet introducing themself as non-binary and going by singular “They” pronouns. 

Surprisingly, after barely a month of leaving Lebel and joining the subway busking, Sam announced that a big comeback to the singing is around the corner on TMZ Live on Friday, June 2, 2023.

Just  Sam is back on track in singing, and many are wondering about  Just Sam’s brother and Sibling.

Does Just Sam Has A Brother?

Samantha was born and raised in Harlem, New York. They were six years old when their grandmother Elizabeth adopted them. Sam is so close to the grandmother and has much respect and love for her.

Just Sam is expected to have a twin brother. On November 23, 2020, Samantha posted a picture on her Instagram handle wishing happy birthdays to their twin brother and stating that they miss and love him every single day. However, further details of the brother are nowhere to be found.

Just Sam brother
Just Sam has a twin brother. (Source: Instagram )

We assume that Sam had a close relationship with her brother, but now they are far from each other because of various personal reasons, as they have posted an old picture of him.

Diaz has a private Instagram handle under the name @justament. There might be more information about the brother and their childhood.

As soon as we get information regarding Sam’s twin brother, we will update it here. So, stay tuned with us.

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Just Sam Half-Sister Anabelle

Born on November 23, 1998, Just Sam was raised in Harlem, New York. Samantha and their sister Anabelle were adopted by their grandmother Elizabeth after their mother had been incarcerated.

Just Sam and their sister Anabelle received motherly love from their grandmother. However, their mother was in prison, and Sam used to get bullied by their classmates and school friends.

Just Sam brother
Just Sam has a loving family comprising Grandmother Elizabeth and sister Anabelle. (Source: Facebook )

Diaz said that their childhood memories inspired the name ‘Just Sam.’ Now, the name Just Sam is making tons of memories and history.

There is not any authentic information about the information of Sam’s sister Anabelle. However, in their Instagram post of April 2020, we can assume that the small baby boy with grandmother Elizabeth in the picture is Zeuzy- the son of Anabelle.

Although we could not see the chemistry between Samantha and their sister, it is pretty sure that their sister is supporting Sam in her each life steps and probably was the first and biggest fan of the singer.

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