Kari Lake Affair: Leaked Video And Tape Viral

Kari Lake affair news is all over the internet and people want to know more about it. Read on to learn about that scandal and the controversy around it.

American Kari Lake Halperin is a former television news anchor, a 2022 candidate for governor of Arizona, and a 2024 contender for the US Senate running for office in Arizona.

Lake started her career in the media in the early 1990s. From 1999 until 2021, she worked as the anchor for KSAZ-TV in Phoenix.

Soon after declaring her candidacy for Arizona governor in 2022, she resigned from her position as anchor.

With the help of former president Donald Trump’s backing, Lake secured the Republican nomination.

Several issues dogged her candidacy, including her advocacy of erroneous assertions that Donald Trump would win the 2020 presidential contest.

She demanded that those who conceded Trump’s loss be imprisoned, including her Democratic opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

Let’s get to know more about Kari Lake affair news is all over the internet, read on to know more.

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Kari Lake Affair And Controversy

Donald appears to be making waves in his personal life in addition to his busy legal and political life.

Melania Trump might not be too happy about how much time her husband is spending with Kari Lake, a Republican ally. That’s why Kari Lake Affair news is trending online.

It’s no secret that the contentious political figure has allegedly been seen frequently at Mar-a-Lago to be the former president’s running mate in 2024, but Melania may find that to be too near for comfort.

Kari Lake Affair
Kari Lake affair news has piqued the interest of the people. (Source: Politico)

Reporter Zach Petrizzo of The Daily Beast talked about the People magazine article “Kari Lake Appears at Mar-a-Lago” on the podcast The New Abnormal.

Something that truly “ticks off” the former first lady was more than Melania Trump and “Practically Lives” in a Suite.

Once more, Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit resigned on Wednesday in the wake of the audio tape’s public release.

That audio purportedly showed him attempting to buy off GOP firebrand Kari Lake from pursuing the Senate seat, as the contentious Lake is preparing to run for office once more.

Kari Lake Leaked Video And Tape Viral

DeWit resigned a day after conservative Arizona talk show host Garret Lewis released an audio clip allegedly showing him offering Lake a job in exchange for her promise not to run for the Arizona Senate in 2024.

DeWit was the chief operating officer for former President Donald Trump’s campaigns in both 2016 and 2020. Forbes has not independently verified the recording.

In the video, which was allegedly made at Lake’s house in March 2023, DeWit is heard saying, “There are very powerful people who want to keep you out,” before requesting a “number” from Lake.

In the recording, DeWit clarified that the goal of the “powerful people” was to create room for a new party standard bearer.

Kari Lake affair
An official for the Arizona GOP Jeff DeWit Resigns Amid Scandal Over Leaked Tape. (Source: Politico)

Following Lake’s rejection of his offer and her insistence that “this is not about money, this is about our country,” DeWit instructed her to remain silent.

DeWit acknowledges that he is on the video in his resignation letter, which was sent to X.

He says he regrets it and reiterates that he was only “looking out for her financial interests” while also suggesting—in good faith—that she run for governor again in two years.

DeWit claimed that the reason for his resignation was Lake’s threat to make public a longer and possibly more damaging audio recording.

She claimed the tape was substantially altered and described it as a “setup” for her to seize leadership of the Arizona GOP.

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