UFC: Is Lucas Almeida Christian Or Muslim? Religion And Family Ethnicity

Is Lucas Almeida Christian or does the UFC fighter follow a different religion? Find out about his family ethnicity, personal life, and career struggles in this article.

One of the most recognized UFC fighters Lucas Almeida is the perfect executor of the statement, “It’s never too late to make dreams come true” and “Where there is will there is a way”.

Lucas Almeida is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Brazil who was a former boxer for Jungle Fight Championship. Now, he fights in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) under the sixty-six Kg category.

Almeida had his debut fight in UFC on June 4, 2022, against Michael Trizano. He secured his victory in his first match after he knocked out his opponent, which earned him the Fight of the Night award. 

However, Lucas did not get all this recognition and popularity overnight. His undying faith in himself and continuous hard work toward his goals made him meet his desired destination.

He entered the world of fights when he was eighteen years old. He used to practice skills and techniques of fighting at the Gym right in front of his house.

Is Lucas Almeida Christian Or Muslim? 

Brazilian fighter Lucas Almeida is a Catholic Christian. He has high conviction and belief in God and church principles. 

There lies a delicate bond of respect between Lucas and his faith in god. After every match, he thanks god for his safety, and he glorifies his win by lifting his head and pointing his hand up to send his message to god.

You must have probably noticed the ‘Cross’ neck locket that Lucas often wears which is more like the part of his body and belief.

Lucas Almeida Christian
Lucas Almeida has a belief in Christianity and respects god’s principles. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, most of Almeida’s Instagram post’s captions comprise respect and credit for Jesus. He mostly writes, “Thank god for everything,” “May his glory expands,” and “ May god bless all.”

Besides this, one can easily notice the Christianity sign in front of the door of Lucas House in Sorocaba, Brazil.

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Family Ethnicity of Lucas Almeida

The Brazilian UFC fighter has Latin-American lineages. His ethnicity is titled towards the lusophone origin, because, Lucas embraces the Portuguese language.

The ‘Featherweight fighter’ was born in a Brazilian family in Scrocaba on 13 January 1991. His father Cantidio Almeida and his mother run a car wash business in Sctocaba. 

Lucas’s parents have been his greatest supporters and first fans. Similarly, they always encourage him for each match in the ring and life.

Lucas also respects his dad and mom and is always on the way to making them proud.

Notably, Lucas has an elder brother Rafael Almeida, who runs the family business. Along with that, he also teaches Kickboxing and Capoeira to the children and adults. 

Moreover, Rafael helped Lucas to continue his passion for MMA and UFC. He plays the role of the backbone of the family and takes responsibility for family issues to let his younger brother practice for the matches. 

Lucas Almeida Christian
Lucas Almeida has a loving family who encourages and supports him in his every fight match. (Source: Instagram)

Almeida got married to Daniele Oliveir on 23, November 2019 who is a Capoeira fighter and also a kickboxing champion. The couple was blessed with a daughter Eloah on 4 March 2023.

Besides this, Lucas also has another daughter Larinha, but the information about her mother is nowhere to be found. 

Almeida’s family has faced many divergences in life, however, they have managed to cope with the strength, faith, and support for each other. Lucas is blessed to have such an encouraging family who believes in and follows him.

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