Mani Meraj Death News Viral On Tiktok: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Mani Meraj death news circulating online has left fans in shock and confusion. Is the young Tiktoker dead or alive?

Mani Meraj is an Instagram and TikTok star based in Kishanganj, Bihar, India. He is popular among the youth for his comedy mimic and content on his media platforms.

Nineteen-year-old Mani gained immense fans and followers in a short period. Today, he is liked by many people, and his content is appreciated.

Besides his Instagram and TikTok content, the young content creator Mani has the most followers on Twitch. He is also well-known for his musical abilities.

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Mani Meraj Death News: Truth Or Hoax

It’s been almost a week since the news has been circulating in the media and internet that” Mani Meraj is no more.”

On the platform like TikTok, there are numerous videos on behalf of his death news.

However, these all are the Hoax notes circulated by some of Mani’s ignorant fans and followers. Thus, Mani Meraj’s death news is a false rumor.

Meraj’s recent video on TikTok and his Instagram account is from 12 September 2023, i.e,. today.

Similarly, no official statement was released by his crew members, friends, or family members.

The rumor that is spreading across social media is false news. Some of the fans of Mani are stating that this is the inhumane attempt of the haters to spread faulty news. 

Mani Meraj Death
Mani Meraj Death news is the false rumors on the internet spread by mere speculation. (Source: Mixindia)

Likewise, some of Meraj’s followers point out that this all is a publicity stunt of some of the false fans to be popular with the fame of Mani Meraj.

Some fans even mentioned that Maybe in a new comedy skit, Mani might have portrayed a character that died.

Thus, people only focus on the death side of the skit without disclosing the total and accurate information.

In between the battle between the fans and people all over TikTok and Instagram, Mani and his friends have yet to address the situation and give official attention to it.

For now, it is wise for the fans to wait for the response of Mani Meraj and his crew members to get the exact details of the death news.

Is Mani Meraj Death Or Alive In 2023?

Popular Tiktoker and Instagram Star Mani Meraj is alive and is busy making videos and comedy skits for his awaiting fans. 

The social media sensation is not dead, as the rumors of his death news are invalid.

This is not the first time that rumors of Mani Meraj’s death spread across the internet. From December 2021 to May 2022, Mani’s death news were all across the internet.

At that time, the social media star Meraj was silenced regarding rumors, and it was silenced after a few months. At that time, Mani fell ill and halted the video-making process.

Mani Meraj Death
Mani Meraj is not dead. He is alive, fine, and working actively, making comedy skits for his media accounts. (Source: Facebook)

Therefore, due to the inactive stats of his Instagram and TikTok accounts, some people speculated the false death news and spread across the internet.

Similarly, in mid-2023, Mani Meraj’s death news got space on the internet and social media platforms.

But the news is inaccurate; it is a hoax spread by the false fantasized estimation.

Moreover, Mani Meraj is not dead, and he is still alive in 2023.

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