Meet Tiare Jennings Sister Kalaea And Fa’atele Jennings: Brother Elai Jennings And Family Ethnicity

American softball player Tiare Jennings sister has captured everyone’s interest. Get to know if her siblings are also athletes and also about her family.

An American college softball player for the team Oklahoma Sooners, Tiare was born on June 5, 2002, in Torrance, California. Growing up in San Pedro, she developed an interest in the game at a very young age.

While attending St. Anthony High School, which is located in Long Beach, California, she was named the “2017 Southern Section Division 6 Player of the Year”. She was also awarded the title of ” Softball America Freshman of the Year” and was selected as a first-team All-American.

Her softball journey has not always been a piece of cake, as she suffered from multiple injuries during her junior year. The hardworking player’s perseverance made her capable of batting in her senior year.

Playing in the infield position, she had always been an athletic child. While her interest also included soccer, her family helped her choose softball and helped her grow her career in the game.

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Meet Tiare Jennings Sister Kalaea And Fa’atele Jennings

While claims she has two siblings, this is not completely true, as she  has two sisters and a brother, while one of her sister is no more. Talking about Tiare Jennings’ sisters, she has two of them, Kalaea and Fa’atale Jennings.

Tiare Jennings sister
Young Tiare Jennings with her siblings. (Source: Instagram)

The oldest of Tiare’s younger siblings, Fa’atale Jennings, is also a softball player, playing for the team at San Diego University. She was born on February 22, 2005, and is three years younger than Tiare.

A beach lover and an avid traveler, Fa’atale shares glimpses of her life on Instagram at @tele.jennings. Talented in her own way, Tele, as she calls herself, is also looking to leave a mark on the field of softball.

Unfortunately, the other sister of Tiare, Kalaea, has passed away due to some unknown reasons. She was born on April 23, 2007. Aea-boy, as her family called her, was her sister’s best friend and is terribly missed by the family.

As said by Tiare on her Instagram post, she wears a jersey with the number 23 to honor her sister Kalaea, as it is her birth date. While the family is still in sorrow, they have kept her memory safe and private. Additionally, their cousin Keilani Jennings is often confused for Tiare Jennings’ sister. However, they are just cousins.

Tiare Jennings Family Ethnicity: Parents Maria And Ignacio Jennings And Brother Elai Jennings

Tiare’s parents are Maria and Ignacio Jennings. The Jennings are believed to be Mexican immigrants who settled in California to raise their children. The talented softball player is believed to be of Mexican, Samoan, and Filipino descent. However, it has not been made clear on which heritage of her comes from which side.


Tiare Jennings sisters
The Jennings family posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, it has been said that the Jennings household has a strong Latin influence due to their parents spending most of their lives in Mexico. But the family does not like to talk about their ethnicity openly and celebrates each of their heritages quietly.

The family also has strong religious influences from Christianity. Maria and her husband are active on social media sites and constantly post about God and their children’s success. It is also said that the parents used to take Tiare and other kids through the streets of San Pedro and hand them plastic bats to play softball initially.

Also, Jennings’ youngest son, Tiare’s brother, is Elai Jennings. He is also an athlete who prefers playing softball, basketball, and soccer, according to his Instagram bio. However, the youngest Jennings’ birthdate is not publicly known.

Regardless of the situation, the Jennings seems to be by each other’s sides, supporting and uplifting one another. All of the children with athletic genes are ones to look forward to in various American sports arenas.

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