Is Stephen Kinnock Related To Neil Kinnock? Son And Father Age Gap And Family

British politic’s new big name Stephen Kinnock is trending right now. Is Stephen Kinnock Related To Neil Kinnock? Get to know about their relationship.

Stephen Nathan Kinnock has been a controversial political figure in Britain. Born on January 1, 1970, he is a member of the Parliament for Aberavon. A Shadow Minister for Immigration since 2022, he is one of the most powerful members of the Labor Party.

Prior to being elected as an MP, Stephen was a research assistant at the Brussels European Parliament. In 1997, Stephen went on to become an executive at the British Council Development and Training Services. Known for holding various positions in the British Council, he was also posted in Sierra Leone for the British Council.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, in January 2009, he became the director and head of Europe and Central Asia of the World Economic Forum. In 2012, Kinnock was also the managing director of the “Global Leadership and Technology Exchange”.

His first political career started when he was selected as the Labour Party’s candidate in March 2014 for the seat of Aberavon for the 2015 General Election. As a result, on May 7, 2015, he was elected to become the Member of Parliament for Aberavon. The result was huge, with a majority of 10,445.

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Is Stephen Kinnock Related To Neil Kinnock? Son And Father Age Gap

Neil Gordon Kinnock is a former politician from Wales who served as Leader of the Labour Party from 1983 to 1992. He was also a member of Parliament from 1970 until 1995. Moreover, for everyone asking, is Stephen Kinnock related to Neil Kinnock? He is Neil’s son. 

Is Stephen Kinnock related to Neil Kinnock
Young Stephen posing with his father Neil Kinnock (Right), sister and mother. (Source: The Guardian)

Born on March 28, 1942, Neil is currently 81 years old, making him 28 years older than his son. The father-son duo shares immense love and respect, besides their political interests.

The older Kinnock has been married since 1967 to Glenys Kinnock. The pair shares two children, one of whom is Stephen, and a beautiful daughter, Rachel Kinnock, who was born in 1971. Information about Rachel and Glenys is limited.

The Kinnocks are a very close-knit family, and there is no question about Neil being a strong supporter and advisor for his son. However, Stephen’s rise to prominence is often questioned and criticized, with some naming it nepotism.

The Guardian highlighted one’s comment, saying, “It was not only in North Korea, where politics is dynastic rather than democratic”. Regardless, Stephen’s capacity as a MP is being tried and tested, and he is proving himself to be a capable politician. So, for people asking: is Stephen Kinnock related to Neil Kinnock? yes he is and that too not only personally but professionally as well.

Stephen Kinnock Wife And Kids

Stephen Kinnock is happily married to a very strong political personality, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. As per reports, the two of them met when they both attended college and eventually fell in love in Europe. The couple has two children.

Is Stephen Kinnock related to Neil Kinnock
Stephen Kinnock with his wife at a game, supporting Wales. (Source: Instagram)

Helle Thorning-Schmidt was born on December 14, 1966, and is a retired Danish politician. From 2011 to 2015, she served as the 26th Prime Minister of Denmark. Likewise, she was the first woman in the country to hold that position.

Previously, from 2005 to 2015, she was the leader of the Social Democrats becoming the first woman to hold that post. The powerful leader stepped down as both Danish Prime Minister and Social Democratic Party leader after the 2015 election defeat.

Moreover, Thorning also served as a Member of the European Parliament for Denmark from 1999 to 2004. The politician decided to end her political career in April 2016 and proceeded to become the chief executive of the NGO Save the Children until mid-2019.

Helle and Stephen have a transgender child named Milo Kinnock, who came out as a non-binary using he/him pronouns recently. Born as Camilla, Milo chose to reveal the news on Danish television. According to The Daily Mail, the family is really supportive of Milo’s decision, and Neil is even proud of it.

They have another daughter named Johanna, whose details are very limited. Regardless, Helle and Stephen are a power couple professionally and very loving and supportive parents personally.

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