No, Moira Dela Torre Is Not Sam Milby Sister: Family Details

Discover the truth: Moira Dela Torre Is Not Sam Milby Sister. Uncover the real connection and explore the genuine bond between these two talented individuals.

Sam Milby is a versatile Filipino-American talent, excelling as an actor, musician, model, and businessman.

Making a decisive leap into showbiz in 2005, he unveiled his musical prowess with a self-titled debut album in 2006.

A heartthrob in every sense, Sam’s charisma extends globally, captivating audiences with sold-out concerts, Platinum albums, and top-notch TV dramas like “Maging Sino Ka Man.”

Notably, he broke into Hollywood without forsaking his flourishing career in the Philippines.

With a loyal fan base spanning the globe, Sam Milby stands as an accomplished figure in the entertainment realm, continually embracing diverse roles and accolades.

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No, Moira Dela Torre Is Not Sam Milby Sister

Contrary to circulating misconceptions, Moira Dela Torre is not biologically related to Sam Milby, as revealed by the actor during an interview on “Tonight with Boy Abunda.”

Despite the absence of a blood connection, Milby affectionately refers to Dela Torre as his “little sister,” emphasizing the deep bond they’ve cultivated over the past four years.

Expressing genuine joy for Dela Torre’s current success, Milby attests to the singer’s world-class talent and applauds her unique approach to “hugot” songs that convey hope rather than victimhood.

Even before Moira Dela Torre gained widespread recognition, Milby admired her talents and questioned why such a gifted individual wasn’t receiving the attention she deserved.

Sam Milbi and Moira Dela Torre
Sam Milbi and Moira Dela Torre are not biologically related. (Image Source: Facebook)

Dela Torre’s journey includes a notable stint on Season 1 of “The Voice Philippines,” where she impressed coach

Although not crowned the grand champion, she later gained acclaim for her song “Malaya,” featured in the soundtrack of “Camp Sawi,” a film in which Milby also starred.

It’s important to clarify that Sam Milby’s real sister is Ada Milby, a prominent Filipino-American rugby player and the first female member of the World Rugby Council.

Ada, born on July 6, 1983, has significantly contributed to Philippine rugby, serving on various committees and holding leadership positions.

The distinction between Ada and Moira underscores the genuine camaraderie shared by Milby and Dela Torre, founded on friendship rather than familial ties.

Sam Milby Family Details Explored

Sam Milby, born on May 23, 1984, hails from Troy, Ohio, as the youngest child of Elsie Ronquillo Lacia and Lloyd William Milby, an entrepreneur who sadly passed away on November 1, 2021, in Tipp City, Ohio.

Raised in Tipp City, Sam’s upbringing was unique—by the age of 9, he was immersed in ice skating, living and training with his coach, and pursued homeschooling until age 15.

Sam’s family includes an older sister, Ada Milby, born on July 6, 1983, known for her impressive contributions to Philippine rugby.

Ada, a Filipino-American rugby player, made her international debut in 2012 and quickly ascended to the captaincy of the national women’s team.

In a heartwarming revelation on May 23, 2020, Sam Milby disclosed his romantic involvement with Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray.

Sam milby family
Sam Milby’s sister, Ada Milby, with her father, Lloyd William Milby, who passed away on November 1, 2021. (Image Source: X)

Their relationship blossomed, leading to a significant announcement on February 16, 2023—their engagement was joyfully shared through a social media post.

This marked a new chapter in Sam’s personal life, adding to the tapestry of his family dynamics.

Sam Milby’s journey from the ice-skating rinks of Ohio to the entertainment scene in the Philippines reflects a diverse and enriching familial background.

With Ada’s athletic prowess and his late father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Sam’s family details paint a picture of resilience, talent, and love, further illuminated by the exciting prospect of a future shared with Catriona Gray.

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