Pier Francesco Forleo Wikipedia And Età: Moglie And Famiglia

The unfortunate passing of Pier Francesco Forleo on March 8, 2023, in Rome has sparked significant attention among internet users. Consequently, a growing curiosity surrounds Pier Francesco Forleo Wikipedia, età, moglie and famiglia, prompting many to explore further details.

Pier Francesco Forleo was an Italian businessman and economist who worked as the head of Rai’s Sports Rights Directorate. Described as an impeccable professional with extensive experience, Forleo had been a cornerstone in Rai’s sports rights sector for years.

His expertise in analyzing and managing complex financial and management aspects was greatly appreciated. The businessman’s sudden death left a void in his family and the company.

Following the tragic incident, Rai’s President, Marinella Soldi, and CEO, Roberto Sergio, expressed their dismay at the loss and recognized Forleo as a point of reference in the company highlighting his significant contributions to the sports rights sector.

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Pier Francesco Forleo Wikipedia And Età

Pier Francesco was born in 1961 in Florence, Italy, making him 62 years old as of 2023. Although there isn’t much information about his parents and early life, his professional achievements speak volumes about his dedication and expertise.

Talking about education, Pier obtained a degree in Economics and Commerce before beginning his career in the telecommunications sector at Datamat SpA.

The economist then moved on to work in the Planning and Control Department of IRI, focusing on mechanical, air, and naval transport companies. During this time, he also served as a director of Almare di Navigazione SpA.

In 1997, Forleo joined the prestigious team at Rai, the Italian public broadcasting company. He gained recognition for his role in the Reporting and Operational Control structure within the Administration, Finance, and Control Departments.

Pier Francesco Forleo Wikipedia
Pier Francesco Forleo was a multitalented individual. (Source: Twitter)

Over the years, the 62-year-old held various positions, including Controller of the Radio Division and Director of Purchasing, where he oversaw the procurement processes and implemented the Public Procurement Code.

One of Forleo’s significant achievements was his appointment as Director of the Sports Rights Department in March 2015. He also joined the Sports Rights Committee and the Sports Right Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The contributions to the field of sports broadcasting were highly regarded. His remarkable career and dedication to the broadcasting industry have left behind a lasting legacy.

Pier Francesco Forleo Moglie And Famiglia

Pier Francesco Forleo was not only a successful figure in his profession but also a beloved member of his family. He married Elisabetta Ferracini, the daughter of renowned Venetian presenter Mara Venier.

Like her mother, Elisabetta Ferracini also worked as an Italian television presenter and actress, gaining popularity in the 1990s as the host of the Solletico program for children on Rai 1.

The perfect couple fell in love while working together and became a power couple in the industry. Their strong partnership was evident as they attended various events, vacations, and celebrations together.

Pier Francesco Forleo Wikipedia
Pier Francesco Forleo was all smiles with his moglie, Elisabetta Ferracini. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he had a strong relationship with his mother-in-law, Mara Venier. She adored him, describing him as a lovely son-in-law who brought joy and love to their famiglia.  Her heartfelt tribute following his passing reflected the strong bond they shared.

Although information about Pier’s biological children is not available, he played an exemplary role as a stepfather to Giulio Longari, the son of Elisabetta Ferracini and lawyer Carlo Longari.

Despite his busy schedule, the sports broadcaster prioritized his family, embodying the essence of a family man. Following Forelo’s unexpected death, condolences and prayers have poured in for his bereaved famiglia.

The Forleo-Moglie famiglia stands united, cherishing their memories with Pier and honoring his remarkable presence in their lives.

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