Pierce Lepage Parents: Who Are They? Family Ethnicity

People are curious about Pierce Lepage Parents and family after the athlete won the gold medal in decathlon at the World Athletics Championships 2023.

Canadian track athlete Pierce LePage competes in the Decathlon – a combined athletic event of ten track and field events.

Twenty-seven-year-old Pierce started his journey in track and field at twelve and the decathlon at seventeen. 

Known for his extraordinary presence and speed, LaPage is a silver medalist in the “2020 World Athletics Champions”.

Similarly, she earned the silver medal in the “2018 Commonwealth” and bronze in the “2019 Pan American Championships”.

As of August 2023, Pierce is the world’s top 1 Decathlon after his historic win in the “2023 World Championship” in Budapest.

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Who Are Pierce Lepage Parents? Proud Mother And Father

Pierce was born in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, as the loving son of his father, Mr. LaPage, and his mother, Mrs. LaPage.

The personal information of LaPage’s parents is yet to be disclosed, and their presence on the son’s social media handles is rare.

However, their love and concern for their beloved son is unconditional and exceptional.

At twelve, Pierce started to be in track and field. Since that time, his parents have been alongside him every time he walks to compete. 

Similarly, each time the athlete makes his personal best records or wins the championship, he never forgets to be thankful for his family and friends.

On 3 July 2021, Pierce wrote in his Instagram post that his achievements and progress are always within the support of his parents, family, friends, coach, and teammates.

Pierce Lepage Parents
Pierce Lepage (left), is a loving and proud son of his father and mother. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, LaPage is securing his parent’s privacy by not disclosing their identity publicly. Likewise, he is more of a conserved person who rarely appears publicly.

Furthermore, besides his biological father, Pierce has another guardian who will guide him in track and field.

Gregory Portnoy– Pierce’s coach is his “Track Dad.” On 3 March 2020 in his Instagram post, he wrote, ” Got to celebrate my track dad’s 50th wedding anniversary.”

Pierce’s bonding and closeness with his parents is full of respect, love, and uphold. Similarly, he is close to his second home and family, i.e., coaches, teammates, and fellow athletes.

Pierce Lepage Family Ethnicity: Where His Family Originality Belongs To?

LaPage is a Canadian national representing the country as an athlete in international championships.

Pierce was born and grew up in the neighborhood of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, and is blended with Canadian culture.

According to Ancestry, LaPage family history was found in the USA, YK, and Canada, and 67% of the population is recorded in the northern USA and Canada.

Therefore, Pierce’s family ethnicity and culture are based on Canadian descent. The athlete is a proud descendant of his family and a pride of the country.

The small boy of Wihtby is now making history in the decathlon world, wearing Canada on his chest.

Pierce Lepage Parents
Pierce Lepage is recognized as a Canadian athlete worldwide. (Source: Straitstimes)

Pierce is tightly sealed regarding the family information and his details.

Fans have tried their best and are still searching for the private details of the world Champion Athlete, but all efforts are in vain.

As for now, we can wait for Pierce LaPage to disclose his parent’s identity along with further details. Moreover, there is a perfect time for everything.

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