Who Are Raphael Landicho Parents? 3 Brothers

The search for Raphael Landicho parents and his three brothers leads to exploring his familial origins.

Raphael Landicho, an emerging young actor within Sparkle’s ranks, is renowned for depicting Ethan Alejandro in the 2019 drama series “Bihag.”

His portrayal of this character led to his nomination for the Best Child Performer category at the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Television.

Additionally, he garnered significant acclaim for his contribution to the famous 2020 family drama “Love Of My Life.”

Fans can anticipate seeing him as Little Jon in the eagerly awaited Filipino live adaptation of the beloved Japanese action anime “Voltes V: Legacy.”

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Who Are Raphael Landicho Parents? 

In the realm of showbiz and celebrity life, an air of mystique often exists around certain aspects of an individual’s personal history.

Such is the case with the young and promising actor Raphael Landicho, whose familial background information is hidden from the Netizens.

Landicho, in a heartwarming gesture, illuminated his social media accounts with celebratory posts on Mother’s and Father’s Day.

Amidst the uncertainty, it has come to light that Raphael Landicho stands as a beacon of pride for his father. This esteemed individual dons the honorable uniform of a policeman.

Beyond the call of duty, this paternal figure takes on the formidable role of a frontline to serve and protect the community.

The undeniable fact remains that they stand as pillars of strength and encouragement.

Raphael Landicho Parents
Raphael Landicho with his parents. (Source: Instagram)

Their unwavering support has played an instrumental role in his growth and development as an actor, fostering an environment where his dreams can take flight.

Raphael Landicho’s journey in the entertainment industry was marked by his involvement in the 2019 Philippine television drama crime series titled “Bihag.”

It was within the embrace of this narrative canvas that he embarked on his acting voyage, leaving an indelible mark with his portrayal of the character Ethan James M. Alejandro.

This television series, characterized by intrigue and emotion, spanned 98 episodes, concluding on August 16, 2019.

Who Are Raphael Landicho 3 Brothers?

Just like the veil of secrecy shrouds his parents’ the details concerning his brothers also remain absent from the online domain.

However, amidst this mystery, a heartwarming narrative unfolds, revealing that Raphael Landicho is not an only child but has three older brothers.

The story takes an even more compelling turn as it comes to light that Raphael Landich showcases an astonishing gesture of selflessness in his approach to wealth and fame.

Raphael Landicho shares that he does not squander his earnings on personal desires; instead, he channels his financial gains toward supporting his brothers.

His philosophy is simple yet profoundly impactful: “I don’t spend it on myself, I spend it on my brothers, I share it.”

Raphael Landicho Parents
Raphael Landicho, alongside his three big brothers. (Source: Instagram)

Landicho asserts that his achievements are not merely a source of personal pride but are met with overwhelming approval and pride from his elder siblings.

The backdrop against which this captivating story unfolds is the Philippine television landscape, with Raphael Landicho’s noteworthy role as Little Jon Armstrong in “Voltes V: Legacy.”

This enthralling series is a live-action adaptation of the iconic Japanese anime television series “Voltes V.”

As a unique melding of cultures and artistic interpretations, “Voltes V: Legacy” bridges the cultural gap between Philippine television and its Japanese counterpart.

His selfless approach to sharing his earnings with his brothers defies societal norms and underscores the depth of his familial connections.

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