Stan Grant Kids: Lowanna, John, Dylan, And Jesse Grant, Family Details

The Australian Journalist Stan Grant, who belongs to the Wiradjuri Australian heritage, stopped hosting the ABC show “Q+A” after receiving racial abuse. Stan Grant Kids are the next generation of the Wiradjuri community representing the legacy of the ethnic group. 

Stan Grant is an Australian Journalist, news presenter, and author, born on September 20, 1963. Grant has more than 3 decades of experience working in prominent media organizations in Australia and international organizations

Grant began his career as a newspaper Journalist in the 1980s and later switched to television journalism.

He hosted the Seven Network’s “Real Life” program in 1994, covering contemporary affairs worldwide. His show was even awarded Logie Award for Most Popular Current Affairs Programme.

The journalist has also worked internationally and has covered major events such as the Iraq War, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, and the conflict in Afghanistan. 

Besides his contribution to journalism, Grant has advocated for Indigenous rights. He even helped to launch SBS’ new National Indigenous Television channel in 2012.

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Stan Grant Kids: Lowanna, John, Dylan, And Jesse Grant

Stan Grant kids are Lowanna, John, Dylan, And Jesse Grant. His three kids, Lowanna, John, and Dylan, were born from his first marital relationship. In contrast, his youngest son Jesse Grant was born in 2001 from his marriage with a fellow Journalist, Tracey Holmes. She is his second wife. 

The Journalist has kept his children’s details private. Hence, it’s hard to comment on how old they are or what they do. But his youngest son Jesse is 23 years old as of 2024.

Stan Grant Kids
Stan Grant has a son named Jesse Grant with his wife Tracy Holmes. (Source: Dailymail )

His daughter, Lowanna, was recently seen with her grandfather at the NAIDOC Ball in Melbourne when he received the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Stan Grant kids represent the next generation of minority Indigenous people, Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi. Stan has advocated for Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi’s Australian heritage and their rights. 

The Journalist has contributed to raising awareness regarding Indigenous people and their rights. He has written and spoken on Indigenous issues and his Aboriginal identity.

Stan Grant Family Details

Stan Grant was born on September 30, 1963, in Griffith, New South Wales, Australia. He belongs to the Aboriginal group, who are indigenous people in Australia.

His father, Stan Grant Sr., with whom he shares his name, was an Aboriginal man from Wiradjuri Indigenous Australian heritage.

Similarly, his mother, Betty Grant, was the daughter of a white woman and an Aboriginal man. His mother comes from Kamilaroi Indigenous group.

Grant has a half-sister named Deb from his Father’s previous relationship. He doesn’t have siblings of his own.

Stan Grant Kids
Stant Grant’s Father, Sr. Stan Grant, was awarded the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award. (Source: ABC)

Sr. Stan Grant, also known as Uncle Stan, received the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades of work revitalizing the Wiradjuri language.

Besides this, Grant also has his own family, including his four children and his wife Tracy Holmes. Before Tracy, Stan was married to an Aboriginal woman Karla with whom he had three children.

Stan Grant Ethnicity And Religion

Stan Grant belongs to Aboriginal Indigenous Australian heritage. His ethnicity is of Wiradjuri-Kamilaroi, as his Father was Wiradjuri Indigenous group, and his mother was Kamilaroi Indigenous group.

Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi are two Aboriginal Indigenous groups in New South Wales, Australia. Grant has spoken openly about his Indigenous heritage and these people’s hardships.

The Australian Journalist actively advocates for Indigenous rights and reconciliation. He has contributed to recognizing these groups nationwide and giving them their identity.

Stan Grant Kids
Stan Grant belongs to Wiradjuri-Kamilaroi Indigenous Heritage. (Source: TVBlackBox)

Regarding his religion, he is Christian, but he has mixed views regarding Christianity. He believes that methodists converted his ancestors to Christianity as a part of their mission around New South Wales.

However, he has also said that the Church offered his ancestors a degree of respectability and equality, which was denied by mainstream Australian society at that time.

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