Stephen Keenan Wife: Was He Married To Girlfriend Alessia Zecchini?

Stephen Keenan wife: Discover the truth about his marital status. In this revealing article, learn if he was married to his girlfriend, Alessia Zecchini, and the events that led to his untimely demise.

Stephen Keenan was a renowned Irish safety diver who tragically lost his life on July 22, 2017.

As a dedicated safety diver, he fearlessly accompanied freedivers on their underwater journeys, providing assistance whenever required.

Throughout his illustrious career as a respected freediving instructor, trainer, and proprietor of Dahab Freedivers, Keenan earned widespread recognition as freediving’s most accomplished and cherished safety diver.

Moreover, his selflessness and courage were featured in the Netflix documentary “The Deepest Breath.” The documentary covers the tragic event of his death when he bravely saved a fellow freediver’s life.

Likewise, as his legacy lives on through the knowledge and skills he imparted, people are also curious about Stephen Keenan wife.

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Stephen Keenan Wife: Was He Married To Girlfriend Alessia Zecchini?

There is limited information available regarding Stephen Keenan wife, his marital status, and his relationship with Alessia Zecchini.

The couple was widely recognized for their remarkable feats of diving to extreme depths with only the power of their breath, displaying exceptional skill and dedication to their craft.

Their extraordinary bond began when Stephen first encountered Zecchini, an Italian athlete, and from that point on, they became inseparable, spending nearly every day together.

Similarly, their shared passion for freediving forged a strong connection between them, drawing them even closer as they explored the depths of the ocean.

Stephen Keenan Wife
Stephen Keenan wife: No credible information suggests Stephen was married to Alessia Zecchini. (Source: Decider)

However, amidst the admiration for their extraordinary partnership, there is no concrete evidence or definitive answer to the rumors circulating about their marital status.

Likewise, a documentary titled “The Deepest Breath” delves into the unique relationship between these two accomplished freedivers.

It sheds light on their adventures, challenges, and emotional connection, offering a glimpse into their shared journey as athletes and as partners.

While providing insights into their lives, the documentary does not explicitly address their relationship status or any potential romantic involvement before Stephen Keenan’s unfortunate passing.

As such, the available information suggests that there is no clear indication about Stephen Keenan wife or if he was married to Alessia Zecchini.

Stephen Keenan Obituary And Death Cause

An Irish safety diver, Stephen Keenan met a tragic end on July 22, 2017, while assisting Alessia Zechinni in a daring dive through The Arch in Dahab, Egypt.

As a young boy growing up near the picturesque West Coast of Ireland, Stephen’s fascination with nature and travel was ignited when he watched a David Attenborough documentary.

Likewise, snorkeling adventures with his father and collecting National Geographic magazines further fueled his curiosity and desire to explore the oceans.

However, adversity struck during his teenage years when his father left home, and his mother was diagnosed with cancer.
Stephen Keenan Wife
Stephen Keenan died while assisting Alessia Zechinni to cross The Arch in Dahab, Egypt. (Source: Digital Mafia Talkies)
Similarly, these challenging circumstances led Stephen to develop a new perspective on life, and he channeled his energy into pursuing his passion for diving.
Over the years, Stephen honed his skills, transitioning from a free diver to a diving instructor and trainer.
Moreover, the tragic incident that claimed Stephen Keenan’s life occurred during a dive at the Blue Hole, a popular diving site in Dahab.

A shallow-water blackout, which results from oxygen deprivation to the brain due to prolonged breath-holding or hyperventilation before a dive, led to his untimely demise.

Nevertheless, Stephen Keenan’s journey was a testament to his unwavering passion for the underwater world and his commitment to the diving community.

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