Stephen Long Jail: Denver Shooting Suspect Arrested And Charged

While the community is shocked by the Denver road rage shooting, many question “Is the shooter Stephen Long jailed?” 

A tragic incident occurred in Denver when the accused culprit, 25-year-old Stephen Long, killed two people on the roadway between the 6th and 8th Avenue exits on northbound I-25.

One victim was found on the highway’s shoulder and was declared dead at the scene, while the second victim was discovered on the 8th Avenue exit ramp and later died from his wounds at a hospital.

The alleged offender, Stephen Long now faces charges in court for his alleged involvement in this devastating shooting. In the meantime, the community mourns the loss of these two lives and awaits justice to be served.

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Denver Shooting Suspect Stephen Long Killed Damon Lucas And Blake Lucas

Stephen Long, a suspect from Denver, killed two brothers, Damon Lucas, 22, and Blake Lucas, 21, in a terrible road rage incident that occurred on June 13, 2023.

The shooting on Interstate 25 in Denver shocked the community.

According to Jessica Lucas, the deceased’s aunt, Damon and Blake were on their way to a job interview when they were killed.

Jessica expressed her heartfelt grief over the loss of the young brothers, describing them as “really good kids” who did not deserve such a destiny.

Damon had a scheduled job interview at a wholesale tire distributor, and Blake had accompanied him for the ride.

Stephen Long Jail
The victims, Damon and Blake, were brothers. (Source: Twitter)

Their mother, Riviera was concerned when she hadn’t heard from them all day and called the police after learning about the bizarre shootings from news reports, fearing that it might involve her sons.

When the police confirmed her worst fears, she was overcome with disbelief. “I’m not coping,” she said, struggling to face the devastating loss.

She remembered her sons, describing Damon as a gifted tattoo artist with a love for BMX and skateboarding and Blake as a passionate reptile lover and excellent cook.

Both brothers, who were only 15 months apart in age, were living with their mother at the time of their miserable deaths.

Stephen Long Jail: Arrested And Charged 

According to the probable cause (PC) statement for Stephen’s arrest, he claimed that a vehicle pulled up beside him on I-25, and a person inside began yelling at him. The vehicle then allegedly cut Long off abruptly, leading to an escalation of tension.

Allegedly, one of the brothers approached Long, assaulted him through the open window, and in response, Long reached for his gun and fired at the assailant.

Further, The vehicle’s driver also allegedly exited and clung onto the 25-year-old’s open window as he attempted to flee. Long accepted shooting the driver when he reached the West 8th Avenue exit.

Despite the dispute, the 25-year-old sustained no visible injuries and did not contact emergency services before or after leaving the scene.

However, an off-duty Denver Police detective, who happened to be nearby, heard the gunshots and followed Long. He successfully captured Long without further incident near West 13th Avenue and North Meade Street.

Stephen Long Jail
Stephen Long will face charges of double homicide. (Source: Twitter)

The investigation into this tragic shooting is still ongoing, with authorities examining the details of the confrontation between Long and the Lucas brothers.

Initial reports suggest that Long drew his firearm and fatally shot the victims, leading to the temporary closure of the northbound lanes of Interstate 25 as law enforcement conducted their investigation.

Police authorities argue that there were many other ways of dealing with the situation rather than killing the victims.

In Denver County Court, Long waived his right to an advisement hearing and was subsequently ordered to be held without bond.

While further investigation is going on, Long is being charged with two first-degree murders of the brother. The accused will get a life sentence with no possibility of parole if all the accusations are proven.

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