Tracker Paniz Zade Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Paniz Zade’s presence in both film and television continues to grow, solidifying her reputation as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Paniz Zade has made a significant mark in both film and television, portraying diverse characters across various genres.

She’s appeared in films like “Fifty Shades Darker” (2017), “Dashing Home for Christmas,” “Luckless in Love,” and “The Santa Squad,” highlighting her versatility as an actress.

Paniz has also impressed in TV shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Run the Burbs,” and “Arrow,” displaying her talent for bringing depth and authenticity to diverse roles.

Beyond her on-screen work, Zade engages with her audience through social media, particularly on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life and career.

She has amassed a following of approximately 6,626 fans, offering them insights into her personal and professional endeavors through a collection of 389 photos and videos.

Originally hailing from Tehran, Iran, Zade’s journey as an actress has taken her across borders, captivating audiences with her talent and dedication to her craft.

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Tracker Paniz Zade Age: How Old Is She?

Paniz Zade has not revealed her age, maintaining a mystery surrounding her personal life. Nevertheless, she has been attracting attention for her roles in upcoming series.

In the completed TV series “Tracker,” she portrays Officer Amini in one episode set to air in 2024. Tracker debuts this Sunday immediately following the Super Bowl.

Tracker: Paniz Zade Age
Paniz Zade’s age remains undisclosed, leaving her exact age a mystery (Source: IMDb)

Additionally, she is set to appear in the post-production TV series “Green Beret’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse,” where she takes on the role of Ashley in one episode.

These anticipated projects further solidify Zade’s presence in the industry and promise to showcase her talent to audiences worldwide.

Most recently, in 2023, Zade took on the role of Aubri Wilson in the film “Laughing All the Way,” showcasing her range and dedication to her craft.

With each project, Paniz Zade continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences with her compelling performances.

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Tracker: Paniz Zade Wikipedia

Paniz Zade does not have a Wikipedia; however, her filmography has been published on the Internet and features diverse roles across various genres and platforms.

In 2020, she portrayed Emily in the movie “Dashing Home for Christmas,” showcasing her talent in the heartwarming holiday film.

The following year, Zade continued to captivate audiences with her performance as Julia in “A Match for the Prince,” demonstrating her versatility as an actress.

Additionally, she starred as Angela West in the movie “I Won’t Let You Go” in 2022, further solidifying her presence in the industry.

Tracker: Paniz Zade Age
Paniz Zade does not have a Wikipedia page, but her filmography is available online (Source: MEAWW)

Zade, despite her high fashion style and demeanor, was born in Tehran and moved to Canada at the age of ten with her family.

They worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for their daughters. Despite perceptions, she didn’t come from a wealthy American background or benefit from nepotism.

Zade holds a BA in Communications and Political Science from SFU and is an accomplished actor with extensive training and experience.

She’s also a self-described foodie, hobby chef, animal lover, and talented visual artist.

Her sister works as a Developmental Director for EA Sports FIFA. With her diverse talents and strong work ethic, Paniz Zade continues to flourish in various creative endeavors.

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